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Power Conversion Solutions

With a Power Supply legacy extending more than 50 years, Astrodyne TDI provides unique solutions for AC and DC power at levels from 1W to more than 500kW.

Astrodyne TDI is a leading provider of power conversion products to semiconductor equipment manufacturers, industrial systems suppliers, medical device designers, commercial aerospace applications as well as military markets. With design engineering and manufacturing centers in both the US and China, Astodyne TDI provides both the technical expertise and globally-enabled production to rely on as your power solutions provider.

5W - 1,000W

  • Open Frame Power Supplies

    Open Frame

    • 5W – 450W Power
    • 3.3V – 54VDC Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC

  • Enclosed Power Supplies


    • 15W – 1500W Power
    • 3.3V – 48VDC Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC

  • Encapsulated Power Supplies


    • 5W – 30W Power
    • 3.3V – 24VDC Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC
    • PCB and Chassis Mount

  • IMG_0929-Edit

    PCB Mounted

    • 5W – 25W Power
    • 3.3V – 54VDC Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC

  • products-medicallyapproved


    • UL60601 Certifcation
    • Category BF and CF leakage current ratings
    • 2 MOPP 
    • Medical UPS

  • Medical External


    • 10W – 300W Power
    • 2.5V – 54VDC Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC
    • Full Safety/Agency Approvals
    • EMI/RFI Meets VDE/FCC Part 15B
    • Overcurrent and OVP Protection

  • products-highreliability

    High Rel, COTS Bricks (AC/DC, DC-DC)

    • DC/DC 1W – 500W
    • AC/DC 300W to 650W
    • PFC with Wide Range Frequency 400Hz-800Hz input options

  • products-dcdcconverter

    High Density DC/DC

1,000W and higher


    Liquid Cooled AC/DC

    • 1U, 16.5kW , Hot Plug
    • Output voltages from 60V to 180V DC
    • Optional programmable  current, voltage or power
    • 380V/480V three phase delta input

  • Mercury

    Air Cooled AC/DC

    • 800W – 4.3kW, Hot Plug
    • Output voltages from 12V – 400V
    • Fixed and Programmable Output
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC
    • N+1 redundant systems

  • LSM

    Liquid Cooled DC/DC

    • 2.7KW - 4kW
    • 12V or 24V nominal output
    • 400V or 700V nominal input

  • Mercury 2u modules with Hot-Swap Shelf

    Mercury Flex - Programmable DC Voltage & Current Source

    • Programmable Voltage source options up to 400V
    • Programmable Current source up to 170A
    • Programmable Power Source up to 12kW in a 2U shelf
    • Ethernet or CAN Digital control interfaces
    • Hot Swap and N+1 redundancy maximizes uptime

  • LCE

    DC/AC Inverters

    • 400VA to  1.5kVA
    • 120V, 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
    • 24V or 48V nominal input
    • Hot plug shelf mount
    • N+1 redundant systems

  • ESPM

    Outdoor Sealed

    • 500W -2.5kW
    • Convection cooled IP67
    • 24V - 300V
    • Universal AC Input of 90-264VAC

  • Defender_indoor

    Cathodic Corrosion Protection Rectifiers

    • ICCP ( Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems )
    • Indoor, outdoor or shipboard
    • 2.5kW – 15kW solutions

  • Dynaload

    Dynaload DC Electronic Loads

    • 800W – 12kW Unit
    • Air and Water Cooled

  • Custom power

    Custom Power

    • Industrial
    • Military
    • Aerospace
    • Medical