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EMI Single Phase Filters

Our EMI/EMC/RFI Filter capabilities help your products meet all of their requirements and achieve overall success in any given application. Astrodyne TDI is a uniquely integrated company for advanced design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality. Here, we offer a complete selection of Power line Filters. Standardized, as well as customer-specific solutions to help our clients meet domestic and international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment. 

EMI/EMC solutions range from small 1-phase components to power 2500/690V industrial 3-phase filters. Most standard catalog items carry both domestic and international approvals (UL, CSEA, and CE).

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Single Phase Filters Include:

DSC1000-3 (16A)       DSC2000 (20A)         RP115 (3A-20A)         RP135 (1A-200A)       RP230 (3.5A-40A)
DSC1000-3 (16A)       RP100 (3A-20A)        RP120 (10A-50A)      RP210 (3A-16A)         RP240 (64-150A)
DSC1000-4 (16A)       RP105 (3A-20A)       RP125 (30A-80A)       RP220 (6A-20A)         RP500 (10A)
DSC1000-5 (16A)       RP110 (3A-20A)       RP 130 (3A-40A)        RP225 (3A-20A)         RP2180 (1A-10A)
RPC119 (20A-30A)    LCR050 (1A-10A)     LCRD (Up to 450A)