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EMI Three-Phase Filters

As a leading supplier of three-phase filters, our filters are designed to perform in both commercial and industrial environments.

Our three-phase filters are rated up to 480VAC/250VAC and 600VAC for both Delta and WYE configurations. Current ratings are available up to 2500A. Single, dual, and multi-stage designs are available for specific needs. Versions rated at higher current and voltages can be offered upon request. 

Typical applications for these EMI/EMC/RFI filters include three-phase industrial drives, inverters, controllers, frequency converters and industrial machine tools. Other applications include industrial power supplies, UPS, fixed computer systems (mainframes), MRI's and X-Ray equipment, heavy duty industrial equipment, and more. 

Our three-phase EMI filters carry US(UL), Canadian (cUL/CSA), and European (IEC/VDE/Semko) agency approvals and are available in both general purpose and low leakage current medical versions. At our agency approved 'in-house' test facility, US, Canadian and/or European safety approvals can be obtained quickly and cost effectively on any of our customized and custom products, if requested. 

Our Three Phase Filters (Delta) Include:

LCR D (UP to 450A)       RP327 (7A-180A)       RP360 (20A-60A)
RP300 (25A-500A)          RP328 (7A-180A)       RP370 (250A-1000A)
RP305 (6A-60A)              RP330 (10A-250A)     RP380 (15A-300A)
RP310 (6A-20A)              RP350 (20A-100A)    LCR F1928X (5A-35A)
RP320 (15A-300A)          RP357 (150A-2500A)
RP325 (15A-300A)          RP359 (150A-2500A)

Our Three Phase (Wye) Include:

RP400 (15A-300A)       RP420 (15A-300A)
RP405 (6A-40A)           RP425 (15A-300A)
RP410 (6A-20A)           RP428 (8A-600A)
RP410HP (6A-20A)     RP480 (15A-300A)
RP415 (8A-160A)         RPC 1195 (30A)
RPC 1197 (30A)           LCR D (Up to 450A)