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Experiance with Industrial Power

Astrodyne TDI has more than 50 years of experience delivering cost effective and highly reliable power solutions to a wide variety of mission critical industrial applications worldwide.

Our engineers have extensive experience with high reliability design with more than 1M hours MTBH demonstrated on many products. Many installations are in harsh environments and extended temperatures, and common certification needs include Factory Mutual and Hazardous Location. 

Astrodyne TDI owns its manufacturing faculties in the United States and China, which provides great flexibility for our clients.

Low Power:
Our low power products are available from 5W to 450W in numerous form-factors such as open frame, encapsulated, board mount, external adapters, and car adapters. All of these have full agency approvals and many offer Energy Star Level VI compliance. 

High Power:

Our high power products span the power range from 1200W to 500W with voltages up to 600V and current output up to 300A. High speed digital control needs are factored in with interfaces such as Ethercat, Ethernet, and CAN so that integration with host systems may be easily implemented. We offer air cooled, sealed/convection cooled, and liquid/water cooled to suit just about any environment or application need.

  • High Reliability: 
    Accelerated stress testing
  • Industrial AC Inputs:
    Three phase 380V – 480VAC
    Wide range 90V – 275VAC
  • Large Output Range:
    5V up to 600VDC
  • High precision voltage and current process control
  • Digital Control: 
    Ethercat, Ethernet, CAN, etc.
  • Parallel and serial system configurability for higher power, voltage, and output current
  • Hot-swap capable for fast maintenance
  • Battery backup integration
  • Harsh and hazardous environment
  • Value added system engineering for AC/DC power distribution and custom requirements
The Astrodyne TDI Global Engineering team benefits from years of experience serving applications including:

  • Energy exploration
  • ICCP cathodic corrosion
  • Industrial UPS
  • Process control
  • Chemical processing
  • Electric vehicle DC-DC power conversion
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial vending
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Test equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Magnet / beam steering