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Semiconductor FAB Equipment

High Power Solutions for Semiconductor Capital Equipment: 
Astrodyne TDI is leading the provider of power solutions for many of today's semiconductor capital equipment applications installed around the world. Our engineers understand the need for highly reliable power solutions with precise output specifications and semiconductor industry specific qualifications such as SEMI F47 compliance.

Scalable Design: Up to 500KW:
The Astrodyne TDI product portfolio application for semiconductor equipment OEM's spans the power range of 1200 watts to 500 kilo-watts with voltages up to 600V and current output up tp 330A. Our power modules can be configured in parallel or serial for large system scaling in standard or engineered enclosures or racks.

High speed digital control needs are factored in with interfaces such as Ethercat, Ethernet, and CAN so that integration with host systems may be easily implemented. 

Experience and technologies derived from decades of delivering power solutions to the Semiconductor Capital Equipment Industry:

  • High Power:
    1200w - 500kW
  • High Reliability:
    Accelerated stress testing
  • Industrial AC Inputs:
    Three phase 380v - 480V
    Wide range 90V - 275VAC
  • Large Output Range:
    5V up to 600VDC
  • High precision voltage and current process control
  • Digital Control:
    Ethercat, Ethernet, CAN, etc.
  • Parallel and serial system configurability for higher power, voltage, and output current
  • Hot-swap capable for fast maintenance
  • Niche Technologies:
    AC - AC switching
  • Battery backup integration
  • Value added system engineering for AC/DC power distribution and custom requirements
The power of Mission Critical semiconductor equipment applications includes:
  • Ion implantation
  • Wafer annealing
  • Wire bonders
  • Backend chip test equipment
  • Electronic system test equipment
  • Hardware emulators
  • Metal organic vapor deposition (MOCVD)
  • Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP)