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Radius Power - How Astrodyne TDI Transformed

Radius Power was founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs Ken Ogden and Bob Singh. As veterans of the EMI filters industry, Bob and Ken had extensive knowledge regarding the challenges presented by EMI issues in many different end devices from semiconductor manufacturing to telecommunications. Their innovative designs and focus on development, testing, and service has led to very successful growth and development in demanding applications. 

Radius Power is a global manufacturer of EMI/EMC/RFI Power Line Filters that reduce harmful interference generated by today's high frequency switching technologies, improving power quality and overall system efficiency and operation. The extensive range of standing products and custom capabilities enable the widespread use of energy-efficient technologies in applications such as:
  • motor controls
  • renewable energy (such as solar and wind)
  • medical, telecommunications, transportation (rail and automotive)
  • military
Radius Power, which has been taken over by Astrodyne TDI has built the expertise and global network for the design, manufacture, and delivery of EMI/EMC/RFI power line filters and solutions which comply with today's high demands for marketing time and cost optimization. Standard and custom EMI filter solutions which have been derived from Radius Power, which became the extensive line of standard and custom EMI filters, address all disciplines from DC EMI filters to single-phase and three-phase filters. Both of these filters are available as medical grade EMI filters, which comply with all low-leakage current requirements for medical equipment. Telecom EMI filters encompass all AC/DC power networks and are designed to meet all applicable standards such as NEBS, and CE. The COTS line of standard and military EMI filters provides solutions for MIL-STD-461, DO-160 and Tempest for land, shipboard and airborne environments. Additionally, EMI filters once designed by Radius Power provide cost effective solutions for industrial machinery, VFD's, drives, and solar and wind devices with the best lead times in the industry. Quality products and custom solutions as a global designer and manufacturer of EMI filters, Astrodyne TDI can deliver the right solution in a cost effective and punctual manner.  

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