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Power factor correction (PFC) coils are used in series with EMI filters and RFI filters to increase the power factor and reduce THD during operation. These EMI filters and RFI filters also minimize temperature rise and power losses.

They feature a long-lasting laminated-core design, and are available in sealed and unsealed versions. The PFC coils can be used in a wide a variety of applications, including sport and fitness equipment, medical equipment and home appliances.

PFC chokes are available in wide range of standard and custom design, rated up to 20A, UL class B, F, H, N, VDE certified per EN/IEC 60938-2 for the appliances, medical and industrial markets.

  • PFC Coils

    018 Series

    Sealed (IP68) and Un-Sealed Passive PFC (Power Factor Correction) Coils