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Single-Phase EMI Filters

Single-phase EMI Filters suppress the electrical noise of a wide range of appliances and equipment. At Astrodyne TDI, we offer off-the-shelf Single-Phase Filters available from 1A to 150A, as well as custom current ratings of up to 2500A.

Experience the Difference of Quality-Tested Power Line Filters

At Astrodyne TDI, our experienced engineers are dedicated to providing the top-quality EMI Filters you need. Each one of our EMI Filters are designed to the highest safety and reliability standards, as well as the standards of worldwide agencies. Our Single-Phase EMI Filters carry agency approvals from Canada (cUL/CSA), Europe (IEC/VDE/Semko) and the U.S. (UL). We can also obtain U.S., European and Canadian safety approvals for our custom product designs at our in-house testing facility.

Custom Single-Phase Filters From Astrodyne TDI

If you can't find what you're looking for in our catalog, we also offer customization options for many industries and applications. Request your quote for a custom Single-Phase Filter built to your exact specifications.

The Need for Single-Phase EMI Filters

Most electronic and electrical devices emit electrical noise. The noise of one device can seriously impede the functionality of the other — a phenomenon known as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). An EMI Filter can suppress this noise to give a clearer signal to the device and the other products around it.

Smaller items — such as personal electronics and home appliances — operate using Single-Phase Power. Thus, requiring EMI filters specifically created for specific uses. Astrodyne TDI Single-Phase Filters are designed to meet these needs and reduce electrical noise in various Single-Phase Power applications.

Applications of Single-Phase Filters

Many industries use Single-Phase EMI Filters in their products. Telecommunication, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Fitness Equipment all make use of Single-Phase EMI Filters. Some of the many applications of these filters include:

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Food service Equipment
  • PWM Circuits
  • Home Appliances
  • Power Supplies
  • Induction Heaters and Cooking
  • Motor Controllers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Medical Equipment
  • HVAC

The Single-Phase Filters at Astrodyne TDI are designed for these and other industrial applications. We offer solutions specifically tailored for Military or Medical compliance, as well as a range of custom solutions designed to meet your exact specifications. Your Single-Phase Filter will be tailored to comply with both industry standards and EMI regulations.