Dynaloads Brochure

Power. Everything Depends on It.

When it comes to exceptional electronic loads, precise balance of electrical power and mechanical design must translate to optimal power density and performance, with elevated quality standards rounding out the foundation of ruggedness and reliability. For over fifty years, Astrodyne TDI has manufactured quality industrial power supplies and DC electronic loads with these principles.

Driven by the need to test our DC supply designs, Astrodyne TDI developed our own line of electronic loads based on a paralleled power MOSFET architecture, analog and/or digital signal processing feedback loop control, extensive measurement functions, thermal management and synchronized master/slave paralleling control mode technology. Through these design efforts Astrodyne TDI gained extensive and valuable knowledge, where today we continue to retain our leadership in the industry. Astrodyne TDI Dynaload® high power density DC electronic loads are used for a wide variety of power source test requirements ranging from DC power supplies to fuel cells to batteries, and more. Count on Astrodyne TDI to provide a Dynaload® solution to impress and last for many years.


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