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EMI Filter Solutions

Astrodyne TDI is an international leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom EMI/EMC/RFI Filters. From in-house and on-site services, to ongoing investments in research, development, production and sales, Astrodyne is uniquely positioned as a global leader.

Our EMI/EMC/ RFI Filter capabilities help your products meet all their requirements and achieve “Mission Success” in the ultimate application. We are a uniquely integrated company for advanced design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and technical support. We offer a complete selection of Power line filters. Standardized as well as customer-specific solutions – with full engineering support – help our customers meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment.

EMI/EMC solutions, ranging from small 1-phase components to powerful 2500A/690V industrial 3-phase filters. Most standard catalog items carry international approvals (UL, CSA, CE).

EMI Filters

  • Single Phase

    Single Phase EMI Filters

    Single phase filters applications include switching power supplies, motor controllers, PWM circuits, induction cooking and …

  • three-phase-filters-150x150

    Three Phase EMI Filters

    Our 3-phase filters, rated up to 480VAC, 520VAC and 600VAC for both Delta and WYE configurations, up to 2500A, are available in multi stage designs…

  • IEC Inlet

    IEC Inlet Filters

    Ideal for industrial and commercial electronics that require EMI/RFI protection, including computers, communications equipment, LCD TVs, toys and sports and fitness…

  • DC EMI

    DC EMI Filters

    Astrodyne offers standard and custom DC EMI filters for all applications including solar, telecom and DC de-coupling. Ratings are available up to 1200 VDC and 2500 A.

  • Inverter

    Inverter EMI Filters

    These AC and DC filters are used for applications that have frequency inverters or inverter-based control systems.

  • Medical Grade

    Medical Grade EMI Filters

    Our complete line of off-the-shelf filters is available in a medical grade version. All filters are approved with variable line to ground capacitances to meet…

  • Commercial MRI Room

    Commercial, MRI Room & Shielded Enclosure Filters

    MRI room and shielded room/ shielded enclosure filters help isolate inside (clean) environments from outside (dirty) electrical noise by attenuating…

  • Appliance and washing machine

    Appliance and Washing Machine Filters

    Astrodyne manufactures standard and customized custom filters for applications as diverse as portable power tools, vacuum cleaners, appliances and other power supplies…

  • feed-thru-150

    Feed-Thru Filters

    Our feed-through filters provide high insertion loss from KHz to GHz frequencies for applications such as enclosures, mobile shelters…

  • military - COTS

    Military EMI Filters - COTS

    Most MIL-COTS EMI filters’ ambient rating -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) and operate in this range without any de-rating.

  • Tempest

    Tempest Filters

    Astrodyne is a leading provider of TEMPEST EMI filters. TEMPEST filters stop the high frequency EM signals (or noise) emanating inside the secure environment…

  • Military EMI-HEMP Sheilded

    Military EMI/HEMP Shielded Room Filters

    Our HEMP filters satisfy MIL-STD-188-125-1 requirements for short and intermediate pulses and are fitted with high-transient suppressors…

  • custom-military-150

    Custom Military Filters

    Astrodyne will address virtually any requirement for a custom EMI Filter. Our years of experience in providing EMI and RFI…

  • custom-commercial-150

    Custom Commercial Filters

    Astrodyne designs cost-effective EMI filters and RFI filter solutions for project-specific applications for military, aerospace, commercial…

  • telecom

    Telecom EMI Filters

    Our extensive offering of telecom filters includes AC and DC EMI power line filters, and custom telecom EMI filters for …

  • Harmonic

    Harmonic Filters, PFC Coils, Line Reactors

    Harmonic/EMI power line filters. PFC Coils and Line Reactors address Power Line Harmonics and Power Quality issues associated with the high frequency switching designs.

  • suppression-150

    Suppression Components

    Astrodyne offers unrivaled expertise with suppression components including capacitors, coils and high frequency chokes.