Toroidal Transformers

Discover the indispensable role of toroidal transformers in a wide range of applications, guaranteeing both reliable equipment operation and minimal leakage currents. Explore our vast collection of transformers meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of your unique applications.

Powerful and Versatile Electrical Transformers

Experience the power of our high-quality electrical transformers, ranging from single phase 10VA to 15kVA and three phase 30VA to 45kVA. Designed with isolation and auto features for safe and efficient operation. Choose from various insulation classes (A, B, F, H) to suit your specific needs. Easy to mount for hassle-free installation. Our transformers also offer low-inrush current designs to protect your equipment from energy spikes. Rest assured, our transformers meet the highest safety standards (cULus approved, UL certified, CE marked), guaranteeing quality and reliability. Upgrade your electrical system with our exceptional transformers today.

Power up with Transformers

Explore our vast selection of toroidal transformers, offering a diverse range of options, all conveniently located within our extensive inventory.

Discover the Endless Possibilities: Toroidal Transformers in Various Applications and Industries

With a rich 60-year legacy, Astrodyne TDI has honed its expertise in crafting toroidal transformers to cater to diverse applications and industries.

Medical Equipment


Discover a wide range of power supplies in our catalog that are designed with safety compliance in mind. These power supplies are perfectly tailored for diagnostic equipment, personal health devices, and other medical machinery.

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Industrial Equipment


Boost the efficiency of your machine's motors across a wide range of industries including energy exploration, process control, irrigation, commercial, and more.

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Unleash the Power of Toroidal Transformers

Experience the power and versatility of our Toroidal Transformers, designed to meet a wide range of electrical needs. With a range of 10VA – 15kVA, these transformers offer exceptional performance and reliability. Built with insulation classes A, B, F, and H, our Toroidal Transformers ensure maximum safety and efficiency. These transformers are easy to mount, providing convenience and flexibility in installation. One of the standout features of our Toroidal Transformers is the availability of low-inrush current designs. This unique feature allows for a smooth and seamless power supply, preventing any sudden surges or spikes that could potentially damage your equipment.

Our Toroidal Transformers are meticulously tested and certified to meet the highest industry standards. They are cULus approved to UL 60601-1 2nd Edition, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 3rd Edition, and CB certified to IEC60601-1. Additionally, they are UL listed and approved for UL 506, UL 508, UL 60065, UL 60950, UL 61010-1, UL 1411, and CE marked. Choose our Toroidal Transformers for superior performance, reliability, and safety. Experience the difference today.