Suppression Components

Suppression Components

As a world leader in the EMI filter and RFI filter component, Astrodyne TDI offers unrivaled expertise with suppression components including capacitors, coils and high frequency chokes.


We supply polypropylene and polyester film X and Y suppression capacitors. We exclusively use these capacitors in all of our EMI filters and control boards and supply the same high quality, approved capacitors to our various US based customers for their EMI/RFI suppression requirements.

Astrodyne TDI supplies a full line of film capacitors including:

MEY-Y2 – metalized polypropylene film Y2 suppression capacitor, 275-300 VAC, fully approved

MEX-X1 – metalized polypropylene film X1 suppression capacitor, 310-440 VAC, fully approved

MEX-X2 – metalized polypropylene film X2 suppression capacitor, 275-305 VAC, fully approved


Product Type All Types of Coils and Sizes
Rated Current (A) 0.3 A to 100 A

High Frequency Chokes

We supply a wide range of chokes to block higher-frequency (AC) in an electrical circuit, while allowing lower frequency or DC current to pass.

Custom Coils

Astrodyne TDI has expertise in designing and winding custom coils and chokes for a broad range of applications. We have long experience in designing common mode and differential mode coils for numerous application including, appliance, telecommunication, medical, industrial and others. We can design coil from <1A to hundreds of amperes. While Ferrite remain most commonly used core material for most applications, we have extensive experience in using Power Iron (PI) cores, Amorphous cores, Permalloy core, Kool-mu cores, Noncrystalline cores and Laminated core C-cores in many diverse application. Coils can be offered either open frame, on a coil mount or potted in a housing. Various interconnection options are available such as flying leads, faston tabs, solder pins and connectors. We also support other customer specific packaging and interconnections needs.