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Blog | May 1, 2024
What Are E-Chucks?

What Are E-Chucks? Electrostatic chucks (e-chucks) are crucial components used across various industries, from semiconductor production to aerospace engineering. Precision is a top priority in these ...

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Blog | Apr 24, 2024
Choosing a Coolant for Liquid Cooling Power Supplies

Liquid cooling uses a liquid, often water, to absorb heat and move it away from components. Compared to air-cooled systems, liquid-cooled power systems are much more efficient since liquids have a ...

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Blog | Apr 3, 2024
Delivering Accurate and Reliable Power to Electrostatic Chuck Systems

To kick things off, let's explore the vital function that electrostatic chucks serve in semiconductor manufacturing. These essential components securely hold wafers in position throughout a variety ...

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Blog | Mar 19, 2024
Understanding Power Requirements for Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen generation has skyrocketed in recent years as organizations search for viable alternative energy sources to power vehicles, backup power, and more. Although several methods exist to generate ...

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Blog | Jan 3, 2024
Modular Power versus Customized Designs: Choosing the Perfect Power Supply

Power generation is complex and technical, and choosing the correct power supply is essential for any application. Many industries have unique power supply requirements, requiring a specific approach ...

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Blog | Nov 9, 2023
Powering CO2 and Semiconductor Lasers

Both CO2 and semiconductor lasers create concentrated beams of light, usually used for cutting away material, but they work in drastically different ways. They generate power through two different ...

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Blog | Nov 8, 2023
MIL 461 Compliance

Failure isn't an option in military operations, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause many problems for mission-critical electronics that put operations at risk. Military Standard 461 ...

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Blog | Nov 7, 2023
Switching From SCR to Switch Mode Power Supplies

The right power supply could present a hidden opportunity for energy savings. While SCR power supplies have been invaluable for power regulation in many applications, they are bulky, require heating ...

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Blog | Nov 3, 2023
Powering the Future: Plasma Generation Power Supply

Plasma generation tools play a crucial role in producing high-intensity plasma, which serves as the backbone of numerous industries such as flat screen coatings and semiconductor manufacturing. ...

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Blog | Oct 2, 2023
MTBF, Service Life, Warranty, and Product Life Cycle Management

In electrical systems, power supplies stand as the unsung heroes, silently ensuring the continuous and dependable operation of vital equipment across diverse industries. Whether in manufacturing, ...

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Blog | Sep 29, 2023
How Do Uninterruptible Power Supplies Work?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a crucial facility infrastructure from surgical suites to international enterprises and mission-critical military operations. UPS systems deliver real-time ...

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Blog | Aug 24, 2023
How Long Does a UPS Battery Last: Understanding Run Time and Lifetime of a UPS Battery

Many individuals and businesses rely on uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to maintain operations. While these systems are critical, especially in medical applications, they require maintenance ...

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