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Blog | May 18, 2023
5 Applications that Require Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Just about every part of our daily lives relies on electrical energy, most of which comes from wall power, which taps into the power grid. The AC power from the grid can be accessed by most. While ...

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Blog | May 10, 2023
Guide to EMC Standards for Home Appliances

When designing any electronic device, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is one of the top considerations. With good EMC, you can keep your device from emitting and receiving signals that can ...

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Blog | Feb 8, 2023
Isolated vs. Non-Isolated Power Supplies

In a highly digital world, it's easy to take the safety of electronics for granted. We can hold phones in our pockets, get hooked up to medical equipment, and ride in planes without being shocked, ...

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Blog | Jan 31, 2023
Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a source of clean electrical power that is stable, and readily available in the case of a power outage. It can generate 110VAC required to power equipment for ...

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Blog | Jan 31, 2023
How Is SiC Used in Power Supplies?

Silicon is the traditional material of choice for semiconductors, but its close relative, silicon carbide (SiC), has appeared recently as a fierce competitor. The characteristics of SiC lend ...

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Blog | Dec 6, 2022
Thermal Management of Power Supplies

Thermal management is critical for power supply design. The biggest threat to reliability and the long service life is heat, and thermal management strategies ensure that power supply components run ...

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Blog | Nov 28, 2022
How Board Mount DC/DC Converters Are Used in Medical Applications

The term "medical devices" can encompass a wide range of technologies, from sensors placed on the skin or in the body to cauterization tools used during surgery. One thing they all have in common is ...

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Blog | Oct 12, 2022
The Role of EMI Suppression Filters

Astrodyne TDI is a top-tier supplier of stock and customized electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters. We've been engineering and manufacturing power supplies for decades, including developing EMI ...

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Blog | Oct 7, 2022
Programmable Power Supplies

Power supplies provide electrical energy in the form of operating voltage to power a wide range of systems, delivering stable, precise, and clean power to support different processes. These ...

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Blog | Aug 15, 2022
Power Supplies: Analog Control or Digital Control

A power supply has the important role of converting incoming AC voltage into smooth DC voltage for the application. Traditional power supplies are analog, but digital power supplies have introduced ...

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Blog | Jul 18, 2022
EMC for Mission-Critical Applications

Mission-critical applications enable some of the most important business operations in the world. They help hospitals stay running and allow nuclear power plants to stay safe and deliver utilities to ...

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Blog | Jun 30, 2022
Guide to Output Voltage Trimming

Output voltage trimming is an advanced engineering technique that delivers several valuable benefits to power supplies. This approach can help meet performance and customization demands across ...

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