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Critical applications demand reliable up-time. Whether trying to enhance lives with the latest chip production, save lives performing surgery, or protect a nation, the operation depends upon uninterrupted power.

Uninterruptible Power System

An operating room is no place for a sudden power outage. Medical hospitals all around the world rely on lighting, tools, machinery and more to ensure the safety of their patients, and some situations can be life or death. In the event of an unexpected power outage, is your facility equipped to continue treating patients?

Fortunately, Astrodyne TDI carries a solution for medical professionals performing surgery, providing extended care and much more. For seamless backup power, you require our medical uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.

Applications and Industries Using Uninterrupted Power Supplies

In its 60 year history Astrodyne TDI has gained experience in power solutions for a large variety of applications and environments.



Our catalog includes many safety-compliant types of Power Supplies specifically suited for diagnostic equipment, personal health devices and other medical machiner

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Increase the productivity of your machine's motors in energy exploration, process control, irrigation, commercial and other applications.

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Semiconductor Fab Equipment

Semiconductor Fab Equipment

: Use our high-power modules in applications including ion implantation, wire bonders, hardware emulators, and more.

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What is a medical-grade UPS system? A UPS system from Astrodyne TDI is a backup plan for losing AC power. These systems recover necessary power for medical devices and imaging during surgical procedures for successful results.

A power failure in an operating room even just for a moment can have dire consequences, but our UPS solutions will switch your system to a backup power supply instantly with no lapse.


As health professionals continue to transition to robotics for surgery, the need for an online uninterruptible system becomes prominent. A UPS system from Astrodyne TDI extends appropriate power long enough for your emergency power generator to turn on. Our system offers output ratings of 2000VA and a battery capacity of over two minutes (at full rate) for a secure power solution in operation settings.

Simply having a backup generator at your facility is not enough. Generators can take upwards of 30 seconds or more to power on, which can be lethal during robotic surgery. Implementing a UPS system from Astrodyne TDI offers ultimate reliability and performance when your patients need it the most.

Aside from adding a glitch-free transition to backup power, the Power Bridge™ features the following:

  • Lithium-ion battery technology with individual cell monitoring and temperature compensation
  • 2kVA output power in a 2U-high, 19-inch rack space
  • Two to five-minute runtime at 2kVA
  • Up to 10-year extended battery life
  • Designed with requirements of NAVSO P3641A, HALT, DFMEA, and HASS
  • Rear panel circuit breaker (input circuit breaker and four output circuit breakers)
  • Front panel indicators (AC input status, AC output status, battery status, and AC output powered by battery)

The Power Bridge™ system from Astrodyne TDI is compact and rack-mountable for convenient installations. The UPS provides medical isolation internally, which eliminates the need for an external isolation solution.

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Astrodyne TDI wants to help keep your medical equipment running smoothly for patients in the operating room. That's why we design and manufacture innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide. Contact Astrodyne TDI today for more information about our products, and be sure to request a custom quote by filling out our form.