Medical Power Supplies

The protection of patients, reliability of equipment, and extended lifecycle of components are requirements that distinguish medical devices and medically approved Power Supplies from other consumer and commercial electronics. Moreover, when the use of an uninterruptible power supply can mean the difference between success or failure in the applications of these devices, there are understandably stringent safety standards to adhere to — such as the IEC 60601-1 series of standards that apply to the performance and safety of Medical electrical equipment.


Astrodyne TDI, has been providing robust power supplies to the most demanding and highly regulated industries — including the Medical sector — for decades.

In that time, we’ve seen how the drive to innovate and be the first to market must be met with equally well-developed quality control and safety measures — especially when a groundbreaking piece of equipment needs a medical-grade AC/DC power supply that’s fully in compliance with all applicable standards.

Across all types of Medical equipment — from personal health devices such as dialysis machines to diagnostic equipment like ultrasound systems — our collective engineering expertise will support your vision for better, reliable patient care. In addition, our knowledge can guide you along the technical steps necessary to meet all standards and FDA regulations for final approval of medical power supply equipment.

Astrodyne TDI owns facilities in the USA and China with ISO-13485 quality management system certification for medical device manufacturing.

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Medically approved power supply


What Sets Medical Power Supplies Apart?

Because of the life-saving nature of Medical devices, the related Power Supplies are some of the most stringently designed and manufactured electrical components you will find across all industries. For this reason, Medical device manufacturers of electronic equipment must meet the IEC’s 60601 safety standards, which outline a number of design issues that go above and beyond what other commercial applications require.

In general, medical equipment must be designed with the following factors in mind:

  • The device must have reinforced or doubled insulation to meet low leakage requirements.
  • Components such as the AC input, Power Supply and DC output must be reliably isolated to reduce the risk of shock occurring.
  • There must be further isolation around other electrical components like conductors.

In addition to these design requirements, Medical devices are typically expected to go through more involved design processes, have a longer lifecycle and always have quick and reliable support from their vendors and manufacturers.

Medically Approved Power Solutions


Astrodyne TDI - Providing One of the Broadest Medical Product Portfolios in the Industry

Offering both Standard and Custom Medically approved Power Supplies that range from 5W to 450W, we have an unsurpassable catalog of Medically approved Power Solutions designed to fit any Medical application. Available in all designs — from external and car adapters to open frame and encapsulated forms — our models carry the necessary certifications to meet UL/EN60601-1 third edition safety standards.

With ISO-13485 Quality Management System Certification for Medical device manufacturing, our state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. and China are designed to meet the global needs of the medical device market.