Medical Power Supplies

The protection of patients, reliability of equipment, and extended lifecycle of components are requirements that distinguish medical devices and medically approved Power Supplies from other consumer and commercial electronics. Moreover, when the use of an uninterruptible power supply can mean the difference between success or failure in the applications of these devices, there are understandably stringent safety standards to adhere to — such as the IEC 60601-1 series of standards that apply to the performance and safety of Medical electrical equipment.


Astrodyne TDI, has been providing robust power supplies to the most demanding and highly regulated industries — including the Medical sector — for decades.

We understand the importance of innovation and quality control when providing medical-grade power supplies. Whether it's for personal health devices or diagnostic equipment, our engineering expertise supports your vision for reliable patient care. We can also guide you through the necessary steps to meet all standards and FDA regulations. With facilities in the USA and China, we are ISO-13485 certified for medical device manufacturing.

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Why Choose Medical-Grade Power Supplies?

The last thing anyone wants when performing surgery or another medical procedure is for the power to go out. Medical applications are typically high-risk and require electronic equipment compliant with stringent reliability and safety standards. Medical power supplies meet the IEC 60601-1 safety standard, providing continuous, safe power to medical equipment. 

There are additional medical power supply requirements beyond meeting this safety standard. Since medical equipment typically needs more vendor support and has longer design cycles, these power supplies must also have long-term support from their vendors.

Medical Power Supply Requirements 

Medical power supplies must meet specific regulations depending on where and how they are used. 

If an operator uses a device and doesn't come into contact with a patient, it is classified as Means of Operator Protection (MOOP). It must meet ITE Laboratory Environment Compliance standards 60950-1 and 62368-1. 

Devices that do involve patient contact are categorized as Means of Patient Protection (MOPP). Since these devices can put a patient at risk, they must abide by stricter standards and provide insulation to protect patients from electric shock. These standards control the amount of leakage currents that are permitted. Electric currents running through the body can be fatal, and the safe current varies based on the patient's condition. Patients who are very sick or under anesthesia have lower thresholds than healthy individuals. To safeguard patients, medical power supplies must stay under the current leakage limit value. 

The patient's environment also determines the requirements of a medical power supply product. Type B power supplies, including lighting systems, have no direct physical contact with patients, while Type CF supplies come into contact with a patient's heart. If a Type CF device fails, the patient can be severely injured. Type CF devices include defibrillators.

Finally, medical power supplies must often meet electromagnetic interference and immunity standards. Radio or electromagnetic interference shouldn't be able to disrupt specific devices, as the result could be patient injury.

Our Medical Products 

We have a wide range of products suitable for use with medical equipment. 

The Power Bridge™ provides power backup and patient isolation, making it ideal for critical applications. If a power outage occurs, it facilitates 2kVA of emergency power for two minutes, bridging the gap while backup system power ramps up. 

Meanwhile, our lineup of multi-output power supplies saves space while ensuring ongoing power. These power supplies can deliver up to 1100W of DC power in multiple outputs, making them the ideal power distribution choice for medical applications. We also have AC/DC external adapters designed to protect and improve lives. The adapters provide a reliable power supply while meeting the medical industry's stringent requirements. 

Our medical power supply products allow us to focus on keeping the power on, so you don't have to worry about it.

What Sets Medical Power Supplies Apart?

Because of the life-saving nature of Medical devices, the related Power Supplies are some of the most stringently designed and manufactured electrical components you will find across all industries. For this reason, Medical device manufacturers of electronic equipment must meet the IEC’s 60601 safety standards, which outline a number of design issues that go above and beyond what other commercial applications require.

In general, medical equipment must be designed with the following factors in mind:

  • The device must have reinforced or doubled insulation to meet low leakage requirements.
  • Components such as the AC input, Power Supply and DC output must be reliably isolated to reduce the risk of shock occurring.
  • There must be further isolation around other electrical components like conductors.

In addition to these design requirements, Medical devices are typically expected to go through more involved design processes, have a longer lifecycle and always have quick and reliable support from their vendors and manufacturers.

Medically Approved Power Solutions


Astrodyne TDI - Providing One of the Broadest Medical Product Portfolios in the Industry

Offering both Standard and Custom Medically approved Power Supplies that range from 5W to 450W, we have an unsurpassable catalog of Medically approved Power Solutions designed to fit any Medical application. Available in all designs — from external and car adapters to open frame and encapsulated forms — our models carry the necessary certifications to meet UL/EN60601-1 third edition safety standards.

With ISO-13485 Quality Management System Certification for Medical device manufacturing, our state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. and China are designed to meet the global needs of the medical device market.

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