Blog | Aug 24, 2023
How Long Does a UPS Battery Last: Understanding Run Time and Lifetime of a UPS Battery

Many individuals and businesses rely on uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to maintain operations. While these systems are critical, especially in medical applications, they require maintenance ...

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Blog | Jul 25, 2023
Tackling the Challenge of High Output Slew Rates in Semiconductor and Laser Applications

In specific manufacturing processes, a pressing need arises for swift programming and precise response to output load transients. This necessity is particularly critical regarding the power source ...

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Blog | Jun 22, 2023
Power Requirements for MIL Technology Development

The rapidly advancing technologies in high-energy lasers, high-power microwaves, E/M technology, and sonic weapons require ever-increasing DC power in MIL systems. To keep the development costs low, ...

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News | Aug 25, 2023
Introducing the AWG: An Innovative Approach to Switch Mode Post Regulators for High Slew Pulse Current Applications

Hackettstown, NJ – Astrodyne TDI has unveiled their latest breakthrough innovation, the AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator), a cutting-edge high-frequency switched-mode power supply post regulator ...

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News | Aug 21, 2023
Astrodyne TDI Summer Internship Class 2023

The Astrodyne TDI summer internship has continued to impact the power electronics industry significantly, solidifying the company's reputation as a leader in fostering the success of future ...

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News | May 10, 2023
Astrodyne TDI Expands Manufacturing with New Facility in Malaysia

Hackettstown, NJ – May 2023 – Astrodyne TDI, a global developer, and manufacturer of power conversion and EMC solutions, opens a new manufacturing location in Penang, Malaysia. This new facility was ...

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