Blog | Jun 22, 2024
Powertronix Low Inrush Current Transformer in Medical Applications

Experience the groundbreaking impact of Powertronix's cutting-edge Low Inrush Current Transformers as they transform the landscape of power solutions within the medical industry! From enhancing ...

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Blog | Jun 5, 2024
Power Requirements for Particle Acceleration Equipment

Particle accelerators are truly remarkable technologies that play a vital role across various industries. These innovative devices excel at accelerating and enhancing the energy of particle beams, ...

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Blog | May 29, 2024
Empowering the Future: Energy Conversion Transformers in Renewable Industry

Explore the innovative and reliable energy conversion transformers by Powertronix for the renewable industry. Powertronix, provides the Solar Power Industry with highly efficient Toroidal ...

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News | Apr 22, 2024
Astrodyne TDI's Sustainable Efforts in Reducing Its Environmental Impact

Today, on this global day dedicated to environmental protection, Astrodyne TDI reflects on the significant hurdles we've overcome to reduce our carbon footprint and create a safe, efficient workplace ...

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News | Apr 19, 2024
1200W DC Multi-Output Configurable Power Supplies

Hackettstown, NJ – May 2024 – Introducing our groundbreaking innovation, the ASXMicro - a compact multi-output solution delivering up to 1200W of power. With cutting-edge high-speed digital control ...

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