Blog | Apr 3, 2024
Delivering Accurate and Reliable Power to Electrostatic Chuck Systems

To kick things off, let's explore the vital function that electrostatic chucks serve in the realm of semiconductor manufacturing. These essential components play a key role in securely anchoring ...

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Blog | Mar 19, 2024
Understanding Power Requirements for Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen generation has skyrocketed in recent years as organizations search for viable alternative energy sources to power vehicles, backup power, and more. Although several methods exist to generate ...

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Blog | Jan 3, 2024
Modular Power versus Customized Designs: Choosing the Perfect Power Supply

Power generation is complex and technical, and choosing the correct power supply is essential for any application. Many industries have unique power supply requirements, requiring a specific approach ...

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News | Jan 9, 2024
Astrodyne TDI Expands Portfolio through Acquisition of Powertronix

Expanding our team of highly skilled engineers and providing our valued customers with cutting-edge technologies

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News | Dec 8, 2023
HermesFlex Now Available with Outputs up to 500V

Introducing the Revolutionary Type BF, Programmable Power Supply with 2 MOPP Isolation Hackettstown, NJ - December 2023 - Astrodyne TDI (ATDI) is excited to unveil the newest addition to the ...

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