Blog | Oct 12, 2022
The Role of EMI Suppression Filters

Astrodyne TDI is a top-tier supplier of stock and customized electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters. We've been engineering and manufacturing power supplies for decades, including developing EMI ...

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Blog | Oct 7, 2022
Programmable Power Supplies

Power supplies provide electrical energy in the form of operating voltage to power a wide range of systems, delivering stable, precise, and clean power to support different processes. These ...

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Blog | Aug 15, 2022
Power Supplies: Analog Control or Digital Control

A power supply has the important role of converting incoming AC voltage into smooth DC voltage for the application. Traditional power supplies are analog, but digital power supplies have introduced ...

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News | Jun 7, 2022
New 30W Switch-Mode Power Supplies by Astrodyne TDI

ASM30 Compact Power Supply for Industrial and Medical Applications Hackettstown, NJ – June 2022 - Astrodyne TDI introduces the new ASM30 Series of embedded power supplies, delivering up to 30W of ...

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News | Jun 1, 2022
Astrodyne TDI Earns Supplier Award 2022

Hackettstown, NJ – June 2022 - AstrodyneTDI (ATDI), designer and manufacturer of innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide, has claimed the Supplier Award 2022 from a leading ...

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News | May 2, 2022
New 65W Switch-Mode Power Supplies for Industrial and Medical Applications

Compact Power Supply with Up to 65 Watts of Regulated Power Hackettstown, NJ – January 2022 - Astrodyne TDI has released the new ASM65 series of power supplies that deliver up to 65W of regulated DC ...

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