Blog | Aug 15, 2022
Power Supplies: Analog Control or Digital Control

A power supply has the important role of converting incoming AC voltage into smooth DC voltage for the application. Traditional power supplies are analog, but digital power supplies have introduced ...

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Blog | Jul 18, 2022
EMC for Mission-Critical Applications

Mission-critical applications enable some of the most important business operations in the world. They help hospitals stay running and allow nuclear power plants to stay safe and deliver utilities to ...

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Blog | Jun 30, 2022
Guide to Output Voltage Trimming

Output voltage trimming is an advanced engineering technique that delivers several valuable benefits to power supplies. This approach can help meet performance and customization demands across ...

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News | Jun 7, 2022
New 30W Switch-Mode Power Supplies by Astrodyne TDI

ASM30 Compact Power Supply for Industrial and Medical Applications Hackettstown, NJ – June 2022 - Astrodyne TDI introduces the new ASM30 Series of embedded power supplies, delivering up to 30W of ...

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News | Jun 1, 2022
Astrodyne TDI Earns Supplier Award 2022

Hackettstown, NJ – June 2022 - AstrodyneTDI (ATDI), designer and manufacturer of innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide, has claimed the Supplier Award 2022 from a leading ...

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News | May 2, 2022
New 65W Switch-Mode Power Supplies for Industrial and Medical Applications

Compact Power Supply with Up to 65 Watts of Regulated Power Hackettstown, NJ – January 2022 - Astrodyne TDI has released the new ASM65 series of power supplies that deliver up to 65W of regulated DC ...

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