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Astrodyne TDI offers a broad portfolio of power supplies and EMI Filters which have a long legacy of field demonstrated reliability in a wide array of applications.

These power supplies range from 5W to 16.5kW and are core technology building blocks that are utilized as the foundation of larger system solutions up to 500kW. 

The modularity and flexibility of our designs enable our engineers to adapt our core technologies to meet the specific application needs for the Consumer, Industrial, Semiconductor Equipment, Medical, Aerospace, and Military markets. We understand that the end-product competitiveness and unique value proposition demand engineered components to deliver differentiating performance, features, and material characteristics.   

Engineered enclosures and form factors are also core abilities, delivering products with aspects of air cooled, liquid cooled, hazardous location, explosive location, fully sealed, and other various mechanical specialties.

In addition to tailoring the power supply specifications, Astrodyne TDI has extensive expertise with the integration of Lithium Ion batteries, Power Distribution Units, EMI Filtering, and other system aspects to deliver a turn-key solution and our own manufacturing capability for production.

All of our designs are executed with ISO design processes and are subjected to rigorous design verification testing. Many of our products go through Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HASS) in our liquid nitrogen thermal chambers.