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With more than 60 years of experience as a Power Supply and EMI Filter manufacturer, our team can provide unmatched engineering support to take your product from design to production.

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Snap-In Filters

Snap-In IEC Inlet EMI Filters

Remove unwanted noise from reaching equipment or traveling into power lines. The new ATDI Snap-In EMI Filter design can simplify the implementation of an EMI/EMC suppression filter by allowing the product manufacturing team to easily ‘clip on’ the filter.

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Astrodyne TDI News and Blog Posts

Blog | Oct 21, 2020
Functional Ground and Protection Classes in Power Supplies

When you're selecting a power supply, you have many specifications and requirements to keep in mind. In particular, you'll need to consider the protection class you need and if a functional ground ...

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Blog | Oct 21, 2020
The Benefits of Wide Operating Temperature Power Supplies

When you're selecting a power supply for your system, you'll need to consider its ambient operating temperature range. Running your power supply within its specified operating temperatures are ...

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BLOG | June 24, 2020
3-Phase Power: Delta vs Wye Explained

Three-phase power plays a key role in the design of electrical systems, and 3-phase EMI filters are an important part of the electrical devices in different markets, primarily in heavy-duty industrial applications.

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