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Snap-In Filters

Snap-In IEC Inlet EMI Filters

Remove unwanted noise from reaching equipment or traveling into power lines. The new ATDI Snap-In EMI Filter design can simplify the implementation of an EMI/EMC suppression filter by allowing the product manufacturing team to easily ‘clip on’ the filter.

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Astrodyne TDI News and Blog Posts

Blog | Apr 23, 2021
Conducted EMI vs. Radiated EMI — What’s the Difference?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a phenomenon that often occurs when electrical devices are exposed to external electromagnetic (EM) fields. In some cases, exposure to EMI can lead to component ...

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Blog | Apr 23, 2021
What is TEMPEST?

The TEMPEST specification (designated by US National Security Agency) refers to the susceptibility of computer and telecommunications devices to data theft. Some electronic equipment emits ...

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BLOG | June 24, 2020
3-Phase Power: Delta vs Wye Explained

Three-phase power plays a key role in the design of electrical systems, and 3-phase EMI filters are an important part of the electrical devices in different markets, primarily in heavy-duty industrial applications.

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