A Market Driven Vision Exceeding Global Expectations

As Astrodyne TDI continues to prepare ever changing concepts and designs in the industrial and engineer based industry, the main corporate goal is continue to become a global leader and trusted business partner in power conversion appliances.

Within our company, our knowledgeable and experienced employees have created a respectable ability to provide diverse product offering, superior technical support, and rapid order fulfillment. As we continue to develop a global reach with local focus through design strength, manufacturing flexibility, and sales support, our expertise has allowed us to serve our continuously growing customer demands in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Headquartered in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Astrodyne TDI uses research and development design both international and domestic. Within our design ateliers, we offer military-grade and medical-grade power supplies in standard designs that can be ruggedized or modified to client requirements. By leveraging the engineering capabilities and expertise throughout all of our global centers, we provide the highest level of service in Solid Works design, AC/DC design, safety standards, applications support, low leakage, and embedded medical and industrial power supplies, external power supplies, and sustained engineering.

Astrodyne China office


Supporting vast research and development capabilities, which is an equally robust manufacturing infrastructure within itself, has allowed our global expectations to propagate even more. Central to this concept are Astrodyne TDI's main manufacturing plants in New Jersey, and China locations. These facilities both maintain ISO certifications 9001 and 13485, utilizing as our registrar. Unsurpassed practices including test equipment, fixtures, and labor instructions, have allowed us to seamlessly transfer production to best serve our clients.

Astrodyne New Jersey building

With a global initiative goal set to reach an even denser client base, Astrodyne TDI ensures the ability to define and exceed client expectations.