Medical Trends and Initiatives

Within the medical industry, very few things stay constant. From astounding technical advances, to seemingly daily pharmaceutical breakthroughs, medical and healthcare industries are experiencing a period of seismic transition. With these continuously changing advancements, Astrodyne TDI has committed concept ideas and developmental research to match this inclination.

Pure Economics:

On an economic level, healthcare has rapidly changed within the past five years due to new implemented healthcare laws and fluctuations. From reported healthcare provider shortages to loss of employer-sponsored insurance pans, the medical industry has been left spinning. With this uncertainty derives direct effects on the equipment industry that provides medical devices and applications. Astrodyne TDI has made modifications to match these concerns in order to maintain a leading position in the manufacturing industry.

mediparc docking station graphic


Embracing Technology:

Throughout the medical industry, technology is constantly being adapted in more ways than one. Sophisticated equipment is being utilized in a new manner; systems allow for electronic record keeping, remote monitoring, and data logging now allow for instant communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. As these advances continuously grow in the technical field, it ensures that there will be an even bigger conversion into the medical industrial field. Astrodyne TDI has already provided medical applications to several of these institutions, and will, without a doubt, continue to prosper alongside them.

Changes at the FDA:

As more patients have spoken out about their desire to risk more in order to discover cures, the FDA unceasingly has listened. With the FDA's new Patient-Focused Drug Development Plan, which was executed and implemented in 2015, they have attempted to reconnect and enforce more patient needs. With more of these needs becoming a higher focus, it is known that the medical application industry will have to maintain the applications for these needs at a quicker pace, only allowing the industry to flourish.