Powering the Military: High-Reliability Power Conversions

Applications Requiring Military-Grade Power Supplies

Military-grade power supplies face unique challenges due to the harsh environments in which they operate. These applications require power conversion products that can demonstrate reliability during all test phases, but most importantly, they must perform flawlessly on the battlefield, where their reliability truly counts. These power supplies must withstand extreme temperature changes, shock vibration, and electrical parameters. Furthermore, they must be designed to meet stringent MIL-STD specifications and endure today's battlefields' harsh environmental and electrical requirements. 


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Astrodyne TDI has been a reliable partner for mission-critical applications in the military market for more than six decades. The company has built a solid reputation by providing solutions for advanced weapon, command, and control systems that meet strict MIL-STD specifications and endure the battlefield's challenging environmental and electrical conditions. Today, Astrodyne TDI's COTS products can efficiently convert power from AC to DC, DC to AC, and DC to DC while providing EMI filtering solutions for all requirements.

Advantages of Military-Grade Power Supply COTS/ Modified COTS:

Military contractors worldwide are concerned about their applications' costs and design cycles and the performance requirements their military-grade power supplies must meet. These applications are expected to function reliably in harsh environments where standard commercial power products would not survive. Military-grade power supplies must perform flawlessly from the desert's scorching heat to the Arctic's frigid temperatures. They must be able to withstand the unpredictable conditions of nature, such as dust, sand, and rain, as well as the shock and vibration from transportation and deployment. 

Astrodyne TDI's power products are designed to be versatile platforms suitable for various applications, from industrial to automotive and military uses. This means that designers, contractors, and interrogators can significantly reduce the effort required to meet MIL specifications for specific ruggedness and environmental requirements. Using COTS products also substantially reduces cost and development time, allowing for faster deployment of solutions and shorter lead times compared to customized built-to-order solutions. This is particularly important for military applications, where time and budget constraints are often critical factors in the success of a mission. 

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What is HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) Testing?

HASS testing is a valuable tool for ensuring the reliability of military-grade power supplies. This rigorous testing puts units through extreme conditions, including temperature changes, shock vibration, and electrical parameters. The HASS profile is even more demanding than the Military-Spec Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) used for standard commercial products. At Astrodyne TDI, every high-power, production-ready COTS product undergoes HASS testing to ensure its ability to perform flawlessly in the most demanding environments. This testing process is critical to delivering reliable solutions for mission-critical applications in the military market. By subjecting each product to HASS testing, Astrodyne TDI can confidently guarantee that their power supplies will perform reliably in extreme conditions, ensuring that military personnel has access to the power they need to complete their missions successfully.

What is HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)?

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) is a crucial pre-production process that Astrodyne TDI employs to ensure the reliability of their military-grade power supplies. A rigorous testing process uncovers potential product design, component selection, and manufacturing limitations, subjecting the unit to progressively higher stress levels. This includes thermal dwells, rapid temperature transitions, and vibration, pushing the power supply beyond its limits to uncover any inherent defects that may otherwise be missed through conventional qualification methods.

By subjecting each high-power design to HALT, Astrodyne TDI guarantees that its military-grade power supplies are specifically designed to withstand the harshest battlefield conditions and perform flawlessly when it matters most. This testing process is critical to delivering reliable solutions for mission-critical applications in the military market. Astrodyne TDI's commitment to HALT testing ensures that their military-grade power supplies are the most robust and reliable on the market, providing military personnel with the power they need to complete their missions successfully.

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