PDU: Monitoring and Control

Complex systems generally have several devices and loads, leading to the need for a power distribution unit (PDU). PDUs are commonly used to control and distribute electric power for semiconductor fabrication equipment, medical systems, and industrial machines. Some of these PDUs have monitors and controls to protect mission-critical equipment and in some cases to support process automation.

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How PDU Monitoring and Control Benefits You

A power distribution monitoring system enables oversight and control of the power at individual outlets through meters for current, voltage as well as similar parameters. You can turn the power on and off on-site and remotely and allocate the power distribution efficiently. 

The advantages of power distribution unit monitoring systems include:

  • Having updated equipment information: Power distribution unit monitoring gives you access to information about your remote sites using a web interface. The monitoring system will also send you notifications about issues like alarms so you can take care of them right away. You'll have continuous access to real-time information about your essential equipment.
  • Monitoring power consumption: Monitoring the voltage, current, can give you real time data and ensure that current capacities are within limits and meeting the equipment's needs.
  • Controlling your power distribution: You can control all aspects of your power consumption down to the individual outlets. Turn equipment on and off and restart equipment after network issues from a remote location.

Are Custom PDUs Necessary for Proper Monitoring and Control?

A power monitoring and control box can have customized features such as power type combinations and unique power conditioning abilities. Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures custom PDUs that will meet your requirements and save time, space, and money. They will help you have thorough monitoring and control over your PDU through features like: 

  • Power conditioning (filter, increased surge capability) to mitigate power disturbances to the end equipment.
  • Power conversion between AC and DC.
  • Power control features like switches and relay logic.
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) or similar functions
  • Ground Fault Detection

The benefits of our custom PDU monitoring and control systems include:

  • Optimized electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters.
  • Internal sourcing for better lead time and cost.
  • Thousands of standard options for power supply, EMI filters, and controls.

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Astrodyne TDI is an industry leader for PDU design with more than 60 years of experience. We create custom PDU solutions that meet your unique requirements and are suitable for several industries. Request a quote for your power distribution unit monitoring system from Astrodyne TDI today.