Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Components Infographic

Power Distribution Unit Components

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is the powerhouse of your electric system. Complete with AC/DC power and a simple control interface, the PDU constitutes the centralized system input. These units are crucial for monitoring the electrical energy that powers your company's devices. As industries expand their technology and power needs, PDUs have become essential management tools.

At Astrodyne TDI, we design custom PDUs for your industrial needs. You can be confident in your electrical energy output with our versatile, reliable power management systems. As your business adapts to new technological solutions, we have the tools to drive you forward. You can depend on Astrodyne TDI PDUs to control load division and sharing, voltage matching, frequency management and synchronization. 

What Is the Use of PDUs in Different Industries?

Many industries need power management tools to monitor system elements. Because each company has different technological needs, the PDU's system capabilities and connections will vary. At Astrodyne TDI, we offer 100% unique power distribution units engineered for use in the medical field, industrial markets and semiconductor equipment.

We understand that many applications rely on having significant amounts of power available. Our PDUs make it easy to downstream electrical energy in a safe and secure network. When you choose Astrodyne TDI, you have access to power supplies that meet all applicable regulations in your industry.

Our PDU Components

PDUs have four major responsibilities — power conditioning, conversion, distribution and protection — each with an essential function within the power management system. Though every PDU is unique, it relies on some standard components to keep it running. Our PDU components include:

  • Remote control connections: Operators have remote access to the entire power system.
  • EMI filters: EMI filters prevent excess electromagnetic noise from entering the power line.
  • Control board: Users can reconfigure the unit and view the metering parameters.
  • Auxiliary output: Monitor the breaker status and connections with auxiliary output.
  • Main output: This component is the primary power distributor to your devices.
  • AC inlet and outlet: Host additional power with detachable AC line cords and access.
  • GFI module: Ground-fault interrupters prevent harmful consequences from arising due to electrical accidents.
  • Relays: Relays allow users to switch and monitor the power provided across several devices.
  • Main circuit breaker: Manage the PDU power source through the main circuit breaker.

From the lithium-ion battery backup to the AC/DC power conversions, PDUs are your one-stop energy source. 

Advantages of Custom PDUs

At Astrodyne TDI, PDUs don't come in a one-size-fits-all format. Our custom PDUs add tremendous value to your energy management system and give your engineers more time to develop new technology. Focus on the work that matters to your business — we'll provide the energy to move you forward. Companies choose our PDUs for the following reasons:

  • Safety implementation: Streamline your safety features with a system built to comply with standard regulations.
  • Remote communication: PDUs allow engineers to perform remote fixes and save time on system issues.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: With a centralized system, you can increase energy efficiency and feel better about your environmental impact.
  • Output monitor control: Power control reduces your system's cost and eliminates any redundancy for large operations.

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The possibilities of what a PDU can do for your company are endless. With Astrodyne TDI, you can optimize your power system and feel confident in your daily operations. Simplify and innovate with our uniquely versatile power distribution units in your server room. 

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