Empowering our Defense and Aerospace Innovations

Astrodyne TDI's versatile SMV-28-500 high-reliability module plays a crucial role in supporting an innovative Alternative Energy Storage and Distribution System tailored for our dedicated warfighters.

Crafted specifically for Military/Aerospace applications, our advanced SMV-28-500 AC/AC modules have been seamlessly integrated into the AESaDS, a cutting-edge portable power system that combines voltaic and battery technologies to deliver reliable power in challenging environments. This system addresses the significant risks and costs associated with transporting fossil fuels to remote military locations, offering a sustainable solution powered by solar and other renewable sources.

By harnessing the power of three SMV-28-500 modules, each receiving a 3ɸ input to generate 1500W of 28VDC, the system ensures a balanced power distribution for optimal performance. Furthermore, a stackable 1600W solar array, combined with rechargeable batteries, provides a continuous 300W of electricity to support soldiers in the field, with excess energy stored for backup usage.

The AESaDS has undergone rigorous testing under extreme thermal conditions, consistently delivering 85% of its rated energy output even in temperatures exceeding 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed for easy deployment and transportability in challenging environments, such as those encountered by the HMMWV, this system offers both AC and DC power, reducing reliance on fossil fuel generators and enhancing operational efficiency.

Not only does the AESaDS enhance operational capabilities by reducing the need for fuel resupply convoys, but it also safeguards lives by mitigating the risks associated with fuel transportation in combat zones. Its versatile applications and impactful benefits have led to its rapid deployment and successful implementation in Afghanistan, showcasing its invaluable contribution to modern military operations.