Switch-Mode Power Supply Advantages

1. The Power to Stop Corrosion

Providing exceptional reliability, durability and enhanced system control, Astrodyne TDI DEFENDER series of DC power supplies are the perfect choice for critical Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems.

2. Enhanced Performance to Cathodic Protection Industry

The DEFENDER series provides a comprehensive set of enhanced control features, along with extensive environmental, electrical and lightning protection. These products utilize advanced high frequency switch-mode power conversion with closed loop control to provide significant performance advantages to the cathodic protection industry. Environmentally sealed power supplies make the system an ideal choice for demanding outdoor environments. Closed look control reduces required field support and maintenance, and extends the life of both structure and anodes.

3. System Solutions

Full systems are available for both indoor and outdoor cathodic protection applications. The high frequency switch-mode power electronics are fully sealed and submerged in oil to create a modular and easily replaceable air-cooled power supply. Full systems employ a state-of-the-art Astrodyne TDI controller used to automatically adjust output voltage for changing cathodic protection conditions.

4. Stand Alone Rectifiers

An environmentally sealed power module (ESPM) provides up to 2500 watts of output power with constant current control from 0-50 amps. The high frequency switch-mode power electronics are fully sealed and rated to be watertight, submersible, dust tight, corrosion resistant, sleet resistant and ideal for demanding environments. ESPM's are designed to be modular and can be paralleled with other like units for increased system output of scalable applications. Rectifiers are compatible with an Astrodyne TDI system controller, or one of your own design.

5. Portable CP Testing

CP Toolbox is a rugged and portable test rectifier, weighing less than 25 pounds. The system is lightweight and easily hand carried into the field for testing ICCP installation sites inside a durable compact case. Advanced digital control provides the use with unlimited output interruption configurations. CP Toolbox provides advanced ICCP field testing capabilities through an intuitive user interface. The system is equipped with both manual and interrupt control to accommodate a variety of field testing needs with used defined on and off time for precise output interruption.

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