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ESCape: E-Chuck Power Supplies 

Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures power supplies for electrostatic chuck requirements. They have developed adaptable standard product platforms for various low-temperature and high-temperature ESC applications. The ESCape Series power supplies deliver precise voltages for electrostatic clamping, ensuring reliability and a compact design. Astrodyne TDI e-chuck converters are modular and can be combined for multiple output configurations.


ESCape Power Converters

  • Elevate your power solution - Achieve up to 2kV
  • Low-temperature and high-temperature solutions with modules capable of providing up to 400W of output power
  • Integrate built-in RF-blocking filters
  • Protect your system with Arc Protection
  • Adapt to any input - offering DC or AC input solutions
  • Choose your interface - Analog or High-Speed Digital Control
  • Maximize reliability and reduce engineering time with off-the-shelf solutions

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ESCape Power SystemseLink Power Supply Control-1

With a wealth of experience in servicing a diverse range of ESC applications, AstrodyneTDI has developed standardized product platforms that excel in both low and high-temperature applications. For low-power applications, our main converter operates on a 24VDC input and delivers an impressive 25W of output power, capable of supporting voltages up to +/-1000V. This compact converter is thoughtfully designed in a sleek 3x11x1.75” format. On the other hand, for high-power applications, AstrodyneTDI offers a main converter that runs on 48VDC and boasts a remarkable 400W of output power, accommodating voltages up to +/- 1500V. As part of its strategy to service a broad range, Astrodyne TDI offers the option for universal AC  input when used with one of Astrodyne TDI's highly reliable off-the-shelf AC-DC converters. 

What truly distinguishes Astrodyne TDI's converters is their modular nature, allowing for effortless combinations to create multiple output configurations. Furthermore, these converters feature an analog/discrete control interface that can be effortlessly transformed into a high-speed digital interface through AstrodyneTDI presents their cutting-edge eLink system controller. The eLink allows Astrodyne TDI to provide connection to any number of host systems including Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANBUS, DNET, etc. 

Opt for AstrodyneTDI and experience the reliability and efficiency of our ESC solutions that are meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Revolutionary RF Blocking Filters

Astrodyne TDI's RF filters feature a patent-pending tunable inductor that provides robust and economical building blocks to target conducted RF emissions in the 0.1-100MHz range. It provides a simple means for optimizing part performance at specific frequencies as part of the manufacturing process. We can calibrate the RF filter with high impedance at the fundamental frequency to contain the RF energy generated in the plasma and minimize the disturbance of RF energy into the power supply.


ESCape E-Chuck Power Supplies