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Astrodyne manufactures a complete range of high quality standard, customized custom EMI filters for applications as diverse as portable power tools, vacuum cleaners, blenders, mixers, washing machines, refrigerators, other white goods, pumps, floor care equipment, treadmills, microwave ovens and power supplies.

Our new 095 series filters utilize cost-effective metalized film technology, which helps reduce component cost, while providing better safety characteristics, high reliability, self-healing and fail-safe characteristics similar to more expensive, older technologies, such as impregnated paper-foil.

Our EMI/ RFI/ EMC filters bring appliance products into compliance with all National (FCC) and International (CE,VDE, etc.) EMC regulations.

Our 095 series EMI filters carry US (UL), Canadian (cUL/CSA) and European (IEC/ VDE/ Semko) agency approvals and are available in general purpose as well as low leakage current versions. At our agency approved “in-house” test facility, US, Canadian and/or European safety approvals can be obtained quickly and cost effectively on any of our customized and custom product, if needed.

  • LCR095-01

    LCR 095/01


    White Goods General Purpose Filters

  • LCR095-02

    LCR 095/02


    High Ambient, High Surge Washing Machine and White Goods Filters

  • LCR095-03-04

    LCR 095/03/04


    High Ambient Dishwasher and Light White Goods Filters

  • LCR095-05

    LCR 095/05


    High Ambient Dishwasher and Light White Goods Filters

  • LCR095-06

    LCR 095/06


    General Purpose Small Size and Low Cost White Goods Filters

  • LCR095-07

    LCR 095/07


    Top Load Washer, Dishwasher and Light White Goods Filters