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Astrodyne TDI’s MRI room and shielded room/ shielded enclosure filters help isolate inside (clean) environments from outside (dirty) electrical noise by attenuating electromagnetic interference (EMI) from outside sources. These filters can be critical to an MRI scan, a surgery, an EMI testing or a secure communication.

Our filters can be used in conjunction with a variety of equipment and applications that can get impacted by EM interference. As an example, EMI filter are required for every circuit entering an MRI room to prevent image distortions, including lighting, power, smoke alarms, thermostats, nurse call units and intercoms as well for all the power lines entering a test chamber or a secure facility.

These filters are UL Listed and are available with different attenuation performances; 100 dB from 14 KHz or 150 KHz or 5 MHz to 10 GHz, for different applications.