EMC Considerations for EV Charging Stations and Battery Storage Applications



EMC considerations are crucial for EV charging stations and battery storage applications. They prevent interference and ensure smooth functioning. This involves addressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and susceptibility (EMS) through careful design, shielding, grounding, and component placement. Battery storage applications also require EMC considerations to maintain energy integrity. Compliance with international standards is essential to prevent harmful interference. Prioritizing EMC compliance is critical for the clean energy ecosystem's reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Join our Director of Product Management, Anand Awasthi, as he discusses the best techniques for selecting and implementing an EMI Filter in your EV charger design or battery storage application. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The EV Charger evolution
  • EMC challenges when designing EV charger solutions and how to overcome those
  • EMI filter design and placement in EV chargers for optimum performance
  •  Safety Considerations
Director of Medical Products, Low Power
About Anand Awasthi, Director of Product Management

Anand Awasthi has about 30 years of experience out of which 20 years have been in the field of EMI filters with Astrodyne TDI, working in different functions. He has helped develop many filter product lines for LCR, Radius Power, and Astrodyne TDI. He has extensively worked with end-user OEMs, helping them solve their compliance issues with optimized EMI filter solutions.

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