WEBINAR: Power Design Requirements of Medical Devices

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Join the Astrodyne TDI team for this 30-minute webinar recording to hear about the 'Design Requirements of Medical Devices and Power Design Considerations' in the medical market, and how our team can help support you.

Astrodyne TDI, has been providing robust power supplies to the most demanding and highly regulated industries — including the Medical sector — for decades. In that time, we’ve seen how the drive to innovate and be the first to market must be met with equally well-developed quality control and safety measures — especially when a groundbreaking piece of equipment needs a medical AC/DC power supply that’s fully in compliance with all applicable standards.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

→  Medical device requirements

          ♦   IEC 60601 Requirements and Definitions

          ♦   Isolation Requirements and Definitions

→  Medical device recommendations

          ♦   ISO Standard Recommendations  

          ♦   Leakage Current Recommendations and Explanations

          ♦   Battery Backup Recommendations

→  What to consider when designing medical devices

          ♦   EMC Considerations

          ♦   Ingress Protection Considerations

          ♦   FDA Considerations

→  How to Select a Power Supply That Meets Your Application Requirements 


→  Medical Product Design Engineers                                                                                                                         

→  Medical Product Engineers                                                                                                                    

→  Procurement Professionals for Medical Product

→  Electrical Engineers for Medical Product

→  Research & Development for Medical Applications 

→  Those interested in the design of medical devices


Holly Remaly      Jim Schone

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