Case Study: Complex Power System for Surgical Robot


Robotics and automation are quickly entering the medical industry as surgical assistants. Surgical robots are disrupting multiple aspects of the healthcare industry, allowing doctors to perform various types of complex surgical procedures with improved precision, flexibility, and control. Surgical robots have been widely adopted by many hospitals worldwide. Increased investments in surgical robotics are further expanding its footprint in the medical industry thanks to verified benefits like reduced surgery time, less invasion, and rapid recovery with huge advantages to both the healthcare industry and patients.

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Power Challenges

Surgical suites now include different subsystems like embedded computers, motors, sensors, pumps, cameras, robots arms, etc., which are increasing the power requirements for ORs (Operating Rooms). This surgical robot manufacturer was faced with the challenge of designing a power solution that could provide uninterrupted power to the robot while distributing AC and DC electrical power to multiple auxiliary components.

In addition to the backup generators already in place within hospitals facilities, the surgical robot also required battery backup because even a slight delay or glitch in transition from power sources can cause erratic behavior of the robotic arm which could cause injury to the operator and/or patient. Constant uninterrupted power can ensure that the robotic arm moves to a safe holding position so that the surgeon may take over manually or resume surgery.

These stringent power requirements can create many challenges for design engineers in surgical robotics, including project delays and increased costs. The objective of the design project was to:

  • Reduce the need for internal engineering resources to improve time to market
  • Avoid the need to off-load a high number of parts and components from individual vendors
  • Minimize unexpected safety and EMC testing costs that could consume a large part of their budget
  • Ensure reliable, safe, and uninterrupted power supply

On-line UPS - Surgical Robot


Power Distribution System 

Astrodyne TDI leverages its broad capabilities to bridge the gap between value-added integration and power solutions.

PDU and Schematic - Surgical Robot

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