Case Study: Embedded Power Supply for Smart City Infrastructure

Smart StreetlightThe Evolution of Smart City Streetlights

In the world of smart cities, streetlights have evolved into more than just a light source - they have become the backbone of a robust network that monitors the environment, improves public safety, and enhances connectivity. By integrating small cells into existing streetlights, we can unlock a world of possibilities for citizens and businesses. This innovative solution improves energy efficiency, lowers operational costs, and provides a platform for growth and progress in our communities.

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Powering Smart City Streetlights

Smart streetlights require a versatile AC input range of 90 to 528 Vac to operate from various infrastructure power sources while maintaining steady power, regulation, and efficiency. They must also withstand 24/7 continuous operation, typically in a sealed environment with a high ambient temperature of up to +80 deg C, without airflow or outside venting.

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Astrodyne TDI's Power Solutions for Smart City Infrastructure

At Astrodyne TDI, we are passionate about delivering power solutions that surpass expectations. Our team of experts utilizes precision engineering and innovative technology to create solutions that can endure challenging environments. By incorporating silicon carbide technology and proprietary thermal design methodologies, we support an extensive AC input voltage range and extreme operating temperatures, providing our clients with the best possible performance for innovative city applications. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in this exceptional achievement.