Case Study: External Power Supply for Electric Torque Wrench

Digital Torque Wrenches Used in Industrial Applications Digital Torque Wrenches Used in Industrial Applications

Digital torque wrenches have revolutionized the way industrial bolting applications are carried out. These tools have enabled precise torque levels and ensured safety in critical operations, from small bolts in basic machinery to large bolts in aircraft engines and automobile assemblies. With the ability to store data and generate reports, digital torque wrenches also help in quality control and compliance with industry standards. Furthermore, they provide real-time feedback and alerts, enabling operators to make necessary corrections during tightening.

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Powering Digital Torque Wrenches

Digital torque wrenches require precise torque levels, including during high-power delivery. To deliver this precision and support final tightening and initial loosening, their power sources must operate efficiently and effectively over various loads, including those with a peak-to-average range of 3:1 or broader. Additionally, digital torque wrenches are often used in industrial operations, which can expose dirty indoor environments or outdoor locations to weather. Its power source in a portable, sealed enclosure with convection cooling allows the wrench to be used virtually anywhere.

Astrodyne TDI's Power Solutions for Industrial Bolting Tool

Astrodyne TDI's power solutions for industrial bolting tools are efficient, reliable, and safe. Their rugged and innovative designs deliver assured performance across the wide-ranging load power conditions required to support the dynamic needs of bolting applications. Their embedded overvoltage and overcurrent protection ensure safe handling, and their IP-rated enclosures with cooling fins provide both protection from and reliable operation in harsh environments.


  • 500 Watts average, 1,500 Watts peak
  • Maintain regulation and efficiency over a wide range of loads
  • Portable, sealed enclosure for outdoor operation
  • Convection cooling; no forced airflow, venting or external conduction plates


  • High efficiency over a wide range of loading
  • Supports a high (3:1) peak-to-average power load ratio
  • Internal thermal conduction interface
  • IP-rated enclosure with cooling fins