Case Study: Integrated Power Distribution for Marine Military Equipment

Meeting the Power Supply Demands of Marine Security and Defense

Power systems guarantee the seamless operation of various military, marine security, and defense equipment and systems. These power supplies are far from ordinary; they must be meticulously designed with durability in mind. Now, you might wonder why this is necessary. Well, the answer is quite simple: power systems are frequently utilized in outdoor settings, where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions and environmental elements that can cause significant damage if not adequately safeguarded. Likewise, power systems encounter an entirely new set of challenges in marine security and defense. The marine environment is notorious for its corrosive nature, with saltwater and high humidity perpetually threatening electronic equipment. Power supplies employed in naval vessels and offshore platforms must be specially engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and ensure dependable performance even in the most unforgiving maritime conditions.

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Navigating Power Supply Challenges to Fulfill Distinctive Environmental Demands

Power systems and integrated Power Distribution challenges such as mechanical fit, compatibility, and thermal management are paramount in military and marine applications. These power systems must be designed with durability, as they are frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions and environmental elements. When it comes to this specific project, several unique requirements need to be met. Firstly, there were two input sources - a 3 Phase 400Hz and a Single Phase 60Hz. Additionally, multiple 3 Phase 400Hz switched outputs and multiple 24V 15A outputs required an IP68 rating for protection against dust and water immersion. Furthermore, the project called for 20 ratio metric isolated analog readback signals from current transformers and 20 AC/DC voltage readbacks for analog alarms and controls. This project demanded a power systems solution that could meet various complex requirements. 

Astrodyne TDI Power Solutions: Meeting MIL-STD704F Standards with Seamless Installation Capabilities

Astrodyne TDI power solutions are the ideal choice for military, marine security, and defense applications regarding power systems and integrated power distribution solutions. These power systems are designed with durability, ensuring seamless operation even in harsh weather conditions and corrosive marine environments. Astrodyne TDI power supplies meet unique requirements, such as multiple input sources and outputs and an IP68 rating for protection against dust and water immersion. One of the critical advantages of Astrodyne TDI power conversion solutions is their best alignment with MIL-STD-704F thresholds on Main Power Fault behavior. This ensures reliable and consistent performance, even in demanding situations. These power systems are also highly efficient, providing the most efficient power supply for AC power output. Installation is made easy, allowing for seamless integration into customer equipment. Moreover, the flexibility of the Astrodyne TDI team is commendable, as they can accommodate spec changes during development, ensuring that the power supply solution perfectly meets the requirements of the project. With Astrodyne TDI power solutions, military, marine security, and defense applications can rely on robust and dependable power supplies specifically designed to withstand the challenges of their severe or extreme environmental conditions.



  • Efficient and space-saving design with advanced thermal management
  • Two input sources (3-Phase 400Hz, Single Phase 60Hz)
  • Multiple 3-Phase 400Hz switched outputs and multiple 24V 15A output
  • Impressive IP68 rating, providing unrivaled environmental protection against dust and water
  • 20 ratio metric isolated (current transformer) analog readback signals
  • 20 AC/DC voltage readbacks, analog alarms/controls


  • Best alignment with MIL-STD-704F thresholds on Main Power Fault behavior
  • Highly efficient power system delivering optimal AC power output
  • Easy integration into customer equipment
  • Ability to adapt to specification changes throughout the development process