Case Study: Water-Cooled Power Solution for Plasma Generation

Cutting-Edge Power Plasma Generators: Revolutionizing Industries

Power plasma generators are essential in producing high-intensity plasma, making them the backbone of various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic production, and flat-screen coating. These cutting-edge power plasma generator solutions are truly groundbreaking, offering unparalleled power scaling capabilities and lightning-fast pulse shaping. But what truly sets them apart is their resilient design that is highly efficient and nearly half the size of their predecessors.


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Mastering Pulsing Needs for the Power Plasma Generator

In our quest to achieve the necessary power levels and pulsing requirements for the power plasma generator, we knew we needed a solution that was both scalable and adaptable. This meant finding a power supply that seamlessly integrated into the system, making installation effortless. Reliability was paramount, so we utilized stainless steel cooling tubes, scalable fixed outputs, and output control. This combination ensured precise and lightning-fast pulse shaping and top-notch reliability that our customers can trust.

Cutting-Edge Coolant-Infused Power Supply

Astrodyne TDI's groundbreaking liquid-cooled power supply, Kodiak, is revolutionizing the world of power plasma generation. This compact yet powerful solution delivers an impressive 6kW of power, making it the ideal choice for high-intensity plasma production across various industries. Kodiak is fully customizable with a wide range of configurable DC outputs and RS485 for seamless output control and monitoring, boasting exceptional operating efficiency, unrivaled reliability, and lightning-fast pulse-shaping capabilities. With the added advantage of stainless-steel coolant tubes, this innovative design ensures flawless integration and enhanced dependability, providing you with the peace of mind to handle even the most demanding power requirements.


  • Sleek and space-saving design
  • Revolutionary liquid-cooling technology for optimal power performance
  • Flexible and adjustable power output
  • Unparalleled power management and versatility


  • Space-saving powerhouse
  • Customizable configuration
  • RS485 enables seamless control and monitoring of the output, providing unmatched precision and efficiency in power management.