EMI Filters Short Form Catalog

EMI/EMC Filter Short Form Catalog

Astrodyne TDI harnesses the collective strength of LCR Electronics, Radius Power, and Filter Concepts to deliver a comprehensive range of standard products geared toward commercial, medical, industrial, and military applications. Our offerings span from 1A to 2,500A, including custom-designed EMI power line filters and integrated modules tailored to specific requirements and uses.

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ATDI specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom EMI filters. With over 60 years of experience supporting professional-grade appliances, and military, aerospace, commercial, industrial, and medical applications, our team has the expertise to ensure compliance and help expedite product release. With ongoing investments in R&D and continuous improvements to maintain our support as a global industry leader, we are committed to providing our customers with first-class in-house and on-site services.

ATDI utilizes the combined power of our three brands—LCR Electronics, Radius Power, and Filter Concepts—to provide a full spectrum of standard products ranging from 1A to 2,500A across commercial, medical, industrial, military, and facility applications. In addition, we offer custom-designed EMI power line filters and integrated modules to meet the exact specifications and application needs.

ATDI offers our customers no-charge pre-compliance testing and solution design support at four state-of-the-art EMI test labs in the US, Europe, and China. Our design and compliance engineering teams provide expert support to bring our customers’ equipment into compliance and to market quickly and efficiently.