Infographic: Power Supplies & EMI Filters for Mobile/Portable Medical Devices

MediPower Power Supply for Medical Cart The rapid evolution of mobile/portable use medical devices is being propelled by technology and the increasing demand for adaptable point-of-care solutions. From ventilators, ultrasounds, and portable X-rays to infusion pumps, aesthetic devices, and infant incubators, the range of devices on wheels with external or internal power supplies is expanding rapidly. These devices typically require 20W or more power, with Class BF or CF isolation, and may necessitate UPS, battery, and BMS for operation. Market expertise with direct technical support, product (IEC60601), and factory (ISO13485) certifications, as well as options for BF (<100uA) and even CF (<10uA) compliance, are essential. A broad portfolio of power and filter products, internal and external power supply form factors, various EMI filter options (IEC Inlet and In-Line), UPS, battery, and battery management, wide operating temperature options, modification and custom capability, and international safety and EMC compliance expertise, including in-house safety certification capability, are crucial for these advanced medical devices.

  • Certifications for Product (IEC60601) and manufacturing facility (ISO13485) 
  • BF (less than 100 microamperes) and even CF (less than 10 microamperes) choices are available
  • Variety of power supply configurations, including internal and external form factors
  • Different EMI filter choices, such as IEC Inlet and In-Line options
  • Battery backup and management systems, including UPS
  • Diverse temperature operating ranges
  • Expertise in International Safety and EMC Compliance 
  • Internal safety certification capabilities

Medical Power Supplies-1Uninterruptible Mobile Power Solution

The MediPower medical power system offers a reliable solution with 175VA output and 250VA peak power. It can efficiently charge a 12V 50AH battery in less than 2.5 hours, making it a convenient option for healthcare professionals on the go. With a universal AC input range of 90VAC to 264VAC, this system ensures worldwide compatibility. Delivering stable power with a precise sinusoidal AC output of 120V, it also provides the option for an optional Remote User Interface (RUI) for added convenience. Please note that the battery is not included in the MediPower 2 configuration.

Medical Power Supplies (3)Medical Power Transformers

Medical Isolation transformers and Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed for medical equipment guarantee the delivery of high-quality AC power while effectively eliminating noise and safeguarding against AC transients. These transformers are equipped with robust insulations, thermal protection mechanisms, and the ability to manage overloads and short circuits seamlessly. Subjected to a stringent 5,000VAC hi-pot test, these transformers boast a leakage current of less than 100 μA and hold prestigious certifications like UL60601-1 and IEC 60601-1, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to stringent safety standards.

Medical Power Supplies (1)-1Power Filtering Solutions for Input/Output Systems

The final step in the process requires safeguarding the output stage with over-current, overvoltage, and ground-fault protection. Additionally, addressing electromagnetic noise at the DC output is crucial to prevent radiated emissions failure. Astrodyne TDI offers a comprehensive selection of safety-certified high-current, high-voltage single and dual-stage DC filters that serve as an ideal solution for these challenges. Particularly in high-power charger applications where space is limited, our innovative RP695 filters can revolutionize the game.