Power Conversion Reliability


Power Conversion Equipment reliability is crucial to the success of modern electronic systems. Best in class reliability assurance practices, based on a Total Quality Management philosophy and including HALT and HASS testing, provide power system reliability levels well above the traditional expectations of military and telecommunication industry standards.


Electronic equipment is often fundamental to business and commerce, where loss of function, service, or data results in large monetary penalties and/or compromised safety. Quite often, systems are designed with redundancy so that no single failure event shuts the system down. However, even with redundancy, it is crucial that system operation not be compromised through propagation of a single point failure to other equipment via safety, fire, smoke, noise, or other issues. Power conversion equipment reliability is vital to realizing this goal.

Premature failure or wear out of power conversion equipment continues to be a major concern in various industries and applications. By its nature, power conversion equipment is subject to unique reliability challenges. Energy density, operating voltages, size and weight of components, thermal management, size and routing of conductors, and relatively low production volumes on unique designs are just a few of the issues that must be dealt with in providing a reliable and dependable power conversion system.

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