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Unlocking the Power of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Medical/Diagnostic Imaging procedures have revolutionized how healthcare providers approach diagnosis and treatment. They offer a safe and efficient alternative to invasive surgeries, allowing doctors to gain valuable insights into a patient's condition without the need for exploratory procedures. From identifying fractures and tumors to detecting cardiovascular abnormalities and monitoring the development of an unborn child, medical imaging has become an indispensable tool in modern medicine.

Astrodyne TDI offers a wide range of capabilities to meet the power requirements of Medical Diagnostic Equipment. Their integrated system PDUs provide power, EMI filters, battery management, and controls in a single solution. With a proven track record of successful programs in the medical field, Astrodyne TDI specializes in tailored solutions and custom capabilities. Their turnkey design and manufacturing services eliminate the need for third-party subcontractors, reducing costs and lead time. With domestic engineering and local technical support, Astrodyne TDI ensures high-quality and low-cost manufacturing.

What are the Unique Power Requirements of Medical Diagnostic Equipment?

Precision and reliability are paramount regarding the unique power requirements of Medical Diagnostic Equipment. Imaging rooms have many interconnected devices, all relying on a stable and uninterrupted power supply. These equipment installations often incorporate power systems with power supplies, EMI filters, and other hardware components to ensure seamless operation.

Astrodyne TDI's expertise in the medical market is evident in its focus on safety and compliance. Power supplies, EMI Filters, and PDUs are designed to meet stringent standards, with low leakage ratings and compliance with BF and CF, 2 x MOPP requirements. With a self-certified lab and streamlined safety agency certifications, Astrodyne TDI facilitates faster agency approvals for medical equipment.

Astrodyne TDI Capabilities

Astrodyne TDI offers a wide range of capabilities to meet the unique power requirements of Medical Diagnostic Equipment. They provide

  • Integrated system PDUs that encompass power, filters, battery management, and controls in a single solution
  • Turnkey design and manufacturing services to minimize cost and lead time
  • Domestic engineering and local technical support
  • High-quality and low-cost manufacturing
  • Low leakage ratings and compliance with BF and CF
  • Meeting the requirements for BF and CF, with a double level of Means of Patient Protection (MOPP)
  • Self-certified lab and streamlined safety agency certifications

Uninterruptible Power Supply 

The PowerBridge™, an AC/AC medical UPS system developed by Astrodyne TDI, offers a reliable power backup and patient isolation solution in critical applications. In a power outage, the PowerBridge™ provides an impressive 2kVA of emergency power for over 2 minutes, allowing users to seamlessly bridge the power gap while the system's power gradually ramps up. With its cutting-edge technology and unrivaled performance, the PowerBridge™ ensures an uninterrupted power supply and enhances the overall reliability of medical diagnostic equipment.

AC-DC Power Solutions

Upgrade your power system today with Astrodyne TDI's HermesFlex™. This highly adjustable power supply meets certification standards for patient protection and compliance with BF Leakage Current requirements. With its wide-range DC Output (0-500VDC) and innovative design allowing for parallel current-sharing, the HermesFlex™ offers exceptional flexibility and precision, making it the ideal choice for medical diagnostic equipment. Improve your operations and reliability with the HermesFlex™.

059 Series
The 059 series power line filters offer a versatile range of options, with ratings from 10A to 50A. They are designed for AC and low-voltage DC applications, meeting the stringent attenuation requirements of an MRI room with a remarkable 100dB insertion loss from 5MHz to 10GHz.
Power Distribution Solutions

Astrodyne TDI offers customized Power Distribution Units (PDU) tailored to the unique power requirements of medical diagnostic equipment. These high-power PDUs meet specific needs while saving space, time, and cost. With advanced tools and technologies, Astrodyne TDI designs manufactures, and services PDUs to your unique specifications to overcome your challenges.

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Medical Imaging is essential in healthcare, providing accurate diagnoses and treatment plans while reducing the need for invasive procedures. As the Medical Imaging market grows, reliable power solutions become crucial. Astrodyne TDI offers customized power distribution units and integrated systems designed for Medical Diagnostic Equipment. Their expertise and commitment to safety make them a trusted partner in the industry. Contact Astrodyne TDI today to optimize your power system and improve operations.

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