Power Solutions for Optimum Laser Performance

Take Control of Your Power.

At Astrodyne TDI, our power supplies are meticulously designed to provide precise and consistent power performance that caters to the diverse specifications of laser applications.  Our power supplies boast high operating temperature capabilities,  scalability, and programmability, which ensures optimal and efficient laser performance.  We also has a wealth of knowledge on EMI/EMC compliance that guarantees that our solutions meet regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind.

Our technology specializes in: 

  • Harsh environment requirements
  • Liquid and conduction-cooled options
  • 5kW scalable building block can provide power solutions up to 500kW
  • Fully adjustable, wide-range DC output 0-1000V
  • Power distribution solutions
  • Modified standard and multi-output solutions
  • Universal input options single phase and three-phase
  • In-house custom capabilities to optimize cost
  • Compact EMI filters with high insertion loss and configurable leakage current

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