Power Solutions for Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

Power Supplies and EMI Filters for Semiconductor Equipment

Astrodyne TDI offers the world's most advanced liquid-cooled power solutions, with power modules from 5kW to 16kW. High precision wide range DC power supplies feature low latency (<1ms), voltages up to 2.5kV, and provide power up to 500kW. The Astrodyne TDI engineering team also specializes in EMI/EMC/RF solutions and is currently established among the top 3 largest suppliers of EMC solutions globally.

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Our expertise in power supply for semiconductor processes includes:

  • High power levels (10kW to 100kW)

  • “Non-standard” voltages (up to 2000V, or more)

  • Voltage, current, or power control

  • High precision setpoints & readbacks (as tight as 100ppm)

  • High-speed serial digital interface (<1ms latency)

  • Flexible cooling options (convection, forced air, or liquid)

  • Low-power AC-DC modules for localized power needs