Harnessing the Power of Silicon Carbide: Revolutionizing Semi Fab/Process Power Supplies Part II

Simplifying Global Equipment Designs by Utilizing Silicon Carbide

To meet the diverse utility voltage requirements of semiconductor fabrication and assembly sites worldwide, OEMS need to provide equipment with multiple input voltage options. Recognizing this crucial need, Astrodyne TDI (ATDI) has strategically decided to incorporate Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs into their cutting-edge Kodiak power supply platform.

The Kodiak platform proudly offers models supporting 208/230VAC and 400/480VAC input, all conveniently packaged into one unit. This innovative design eliminates the inconvenience ATDI's customers would otherwise face in redesigning their systems for different regions. The credit for this seamless integration goes to Wolfspeed's SiC MOSFETs, which are expertly housed in a TO-263-7 surface mount package and available in the 650V and 1200V families.

Next-generation semiconductor fabrication and assembly companies actively seek equipment standardization across various locations to streamline operations and reduce the time required to qualify new equipment. This necessitates equipment with a unified core design but versatile models capable of handling different utility voltages at diverse facilities while maintaining strict compliance with local and international safety and performance standards. Astrodyne TDI, in strategic collaboration with Wolfspeed, is leveraging the power of SiC technology to address these challenges faced by OEMs supporting next-gen fab/assembly customers. Their solutions provide power systems that utilize the same control and power topology across different utility voltage levels. By offering a similar design for all voltage ranges, customers can seamlessly integrate these systems without modifying their designs or qualifying different equipment for each manufacturing site with varying utility voltages.

Flexibility Brings Powerful Scalability 

By adopting a unified form factor and power topology, ATDI's power supplies streamline their customers' design and qualification process, integrating the power supply into their process and test equipment. This alleviates the burden on fab/assembly end customers and ensures consistent performance across facilities with varying utility voltages.

In an ideal scenario, next-gen fab/assembly sites seek a single, flexible power platform for back-end and front-end processes at all locations and facilities. Thanks to the utilization of 650V and 1200V SiC MOSFETs, this is now achievable with minimal design modifications, enabling one topology to operate seamlessly from 208 to 480VAC input. SiC MOSFETs are the exclusive technology that empowers the active front-end and phase-shifted full-bridge topology at 208/230V and 400/480V levels.

Through the implementation of Wolfspeed SiC technology, ATDI's Kodiak power supply platform can employ the same power topology across different input voltages by simply replacing the SiC devices, magnetics, and capacitors to match the desired voltage level while maintaining consistent capabilities within the same package. Additionally, Wolfspeed's extensive range of devices in both 650V and 1200V ratings allows for optimal design customization at each level. This level of versatility is unattainable with silicon MOSFETs or GaN devices due to their limited voltage ratings, and silicon IGBTs are impractical due to significantly higher switching losses than SiC.

This flexibility empowers customers to qualify and utilize a similar product across various facilities and locations, regardless of the input voltages. It significantly reduces development and qualification time while simplifying implementation. By adhering to a well-established mechanical form factor, power topology, and interface, OEMs save valuable design time, and end-users can rest assured knowing they will experience consistent performance at all their manufacturing sites.

Flexibility without Distortion

In addition to the remarkable flexibility offered by ATDI's single design using Wolfspeed SiC technology, the Kodiak power supply platform tackles other significant challenges faced by next-gen fab/assembly sites.

One of the critical challenges is power-line distortion, which can arise from power supplies and loads. To ensure smooth operation and meet utility requirements, limiting this distortion to acceptable levels is crucial. The Kodiak power supply platform rises to the occasion by keeping the total harmonic distortion (THD) below 5%, surpassing power quality requirements. Furthermore, the Kodiak power supply adheres to the SemiF47 and IEC 61000-4-11 standards, guaranteeing stable operation despite power-line fluctuations.

Although low-THD power supplies are relatively common in 230VAC applications, what sets ATDI's Kodiak power supply apart is its ability to deliver this performance without the need for external filtering, even at the 400/480VAC level. This achievement is possible using an actual 3-phase power factor correction topology and proprietary control techniques. By maintaining such low THD, customers can avoid adding additional filters at the system or facility level and troubleshoot potential interference issues between equipment.

A Single Design that Empowers Many Products

By incorporating Wolfspeed SiC technology, ATDI effectively tackles the significant challenges OEMs face in designing equipment for the global market with varying utility voltages. This benefits end customers, such as next-gen fab/assembly sites, and highlights the significant value of utilizing SiC over traditional silicon-based power supplies. With the Kodiak power supply platform, customers can use the same control and power topology across different utility voltage levels, ensuring exceptional performance regardless of the input voltage. This standardized topology across all voltage ranges enables seamless integration of ATDI's power supply into a wide range of products without requiring design modifications or qualification of different equipment for different locations.

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