Sonar & Radar Military System Solutions

New Generation Military Systems Demand Increased DC PowerSONAR & RADAR Power Infographic (2)

Power solutions for mission-critical applications

By utilizing Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) offerings, you could significantly reduce the costs of developing military systems. This approach leverages the established reliability of power supplies and the volume purchasing made possible by their use across multiple applications, ensuring their availability. With COTS products developed with mission-critical applications in mind, and a supplier who understands the rigor and sophistication of military systems, their qualification, and ongoing quality management, you can be assured of a successful strategy. A power supply supplier with a long-term commitment to the military market and the typical product development, procurement, and support cycles is crucial for a seamless and efficient process.

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AC and DC capabilities include:
  • Three-phase AC Input (400-440-480VAC)
  • Compact form factor with liquid or forced air cooling options available
  • Power levels in the 50kW-500kW range
  • DC voltages in the 25-100V range for direct connection to the system
  • DC voltage in the 500-1000V range for remote connection to the system
  • Minimizes cable drops via local converters at the system
  • Resistance to environmental contaminants
  • MIL-STD461 EMC (typically conducted emissions and susceptibility)
  • Monitoring capability
  • Ability to support ITAR and/or other security requirements
Familiarity and support of MIL procurement and approval cycles

Liquid-Cooled Power Supplies

Revolutionize your power supply with liquid cooling technology! Our advanced DC power processing, the latest silicon carbide semiconductors, and sophisticated microprocessor controls allow up to 16 kW of power in a single 1U rack-style package or 6 kW of power in an embedded box. You can trust our power supplies with patented liquid cooling for reliable and efficient performance.

Forced Air Power Supplies

With a rugged design and advanced programmability, these solutions are perfect for powering equipment in any industry. Plus, with a fully adjustable DC output range of 0-450V, the MercuryFlex and the HermesFlex provide reliable and efficient performance that you can count on. The Flex product line supports a wide range of globally used AC inputs (1 Phase and 3 Phase) to provide ultimate flexibility from a single product platform.

Sealed Power Supplies

Astrodyne TDI's Environmentally Sealed Power Modules (ESPMs) are the ultimate power solution for industrial and military applications often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. With our extensive experience in addressing challenging physical environments, our ESPMs deliver exceptional dependability, reliability, and value standards, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently no matter what conditions it faces.