Surgical Suite: Power and EMI Filter Infographic

Power Solutions for Operating Theater

Power Supplies and EMI/EMC Filters for Reliable System Performance

Surgical Suite Power and EMI Filter Infographic (800 × 800 px)

Medical-Grade power supplies and EMI/EMC filters require low leakage, extra insulation, and high reliability in a compact form factor solution. For over six decades, Astrodyne TDI has designed and manufactured power technologies to meet the stringent requirements of the medical market, including power supplies with CF and BF leakage, 2 MOPP (Means of Patient Protection), and IEC60601 certification. Our extensive line of power solutions extends from multi-output systems to uninterruptible power supplies and embedded solutions.

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Power supplies capabilities include:

  • Power adapters and embedded power supplies are available from 5W to 1kW
  • AC-DC power modules range from 1kW to 16kW
  • Class I and Class II AC input products for clinical and home use
  • DC input models for vehicle-powered medical device applications
  • IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Certifications – MOPP and MOOP
  • Low leakage current models – BF and CF
  • IPX1 and IPX2 rated enclosures for home use medical products
  • Dual-registered ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 facilities

AC and DC EMI/EMC Filter capabilities include: 

  • Rated currents up to 1-200A (standard designs available up to 2500A)
  • Rated voltages up to 120/250/480 VAC and 100-600 VDC (standard designs available up to 600VAC / 1500VDC)
  • IEC Inlets & Power Modules, Single-Phase, and Three-Phase Filters
  • Single, Dual, and Multi-Stage designs - a broad range of performance
  • Multiple interconnection options - bus bars, studs, connectors, and wire leads
  • Selectable Y-capacitors to comply with any leakage current limit