Toroidal Transformers

Download our product brochure to learn about our high-quality electrical transformers, ranging from single-phase 10VA to 15kVA and three-phase 30VA to 45kVA. Designed with isolation and auto features for safe and efficient operation. Choose from various insulation classes (A, B, F, H) to suit your specific needs. Easy to mount for hassle-free installation. Our transformers also offer low-inrush current designs to protect your equipment from energy spikes. Rest assured, our transformers meet the highest safety standards (cULus approved, UL certified, CE marked and RoHS compliant), guaranteeing quality and reliability. Upgrade your electrical system with our exceptional transformers today.

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Key features of Astrodyne TDI power transformers:

  • Cost-Effective: Smaller sizes will result in less material used, reducing overall cost.
  • Quiet: Very low mechanical hum makes toroidal transformers perfect for low-noise applications.
  • Easy To Mount: A single center screw easily and quickly mounts the toroidal transformer, eliminating parts and assembly time in your production.
  • Lower Off-Load Power Consumption: Long-term cost savings due to increased electrical efficiency.
  • Duty Cycle: If your load is high but not constant, that is, Toff > Ton, we can design a smaller transformer with a duty cycle.