MediPower™ UPS Medical Power System

The MediPower™ medical power system delivers a robust 175VA output with a peak power of 250VA, supporting medical equipment and printers. It provides accurate 120V sine wave AC output and has a universal AC input range from 90VAC to 264VAC, offering worldwide support in a single unit. 

MediPower™ seamlessly transitions from AC outlet to battery, ensuring uninterrupted power for medical devices during power disturbances or outages. Designed for hospitals, it is 30% lighter than other options, making it easy to transport and install. The integrated system design extends the battery life of mobile medical devices, providing flexibility and convenience. It can also be customized to meet specific technological requirements at no extra cost for optimal performance tailored to unique needs.

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MediPower Power Supply for Medical Cart  (1)



Cutting-Edge Power Solutions Designed for Mobile Medical Applications

MediPower Power Supply for Medical Cart  (20 x 20 in)

Experience the lightest and most compact power solution, weighing in at less than 25 lbs. This innovative system provides an impressive 8 hours of run time, allowing for uninterrupted power in your mobile medical applications.

With our advanced online UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), you can say goodbye to glitches when switching between outlet and battery backup. Our system eliminates the need for a transfer switch, ensuring a seamless and reliable power source without any mechanical points of failure.

But that's not all - our Smart Battery System Solution takes it to the next level. Utilizing lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry, our system offers superior performance and longevity. With a user-friendly GUI via USB, you can easily monitor the battery status on your laptop. Plus, we provide clear indications for the source of power, charging status, low battery levels, and even estimated time of use and time to charge. And for added peace of mind, our system features visual and sound alarms to keep you informed.

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