Astrodyne TDI Joins the Top 20 Companies at the Forefront of Providing Aviation Technology Solutions

With the blurring of the boundaries between information technology equipment and audio/video equipment, the aviation industry is staring at an inflection point. The new airframe compliance standards in the industry focus on better handling of the hazards such as electric shock, thermal burns, and electromagnetic radiation, among others. However, the legacy power supplies and electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters which are typically driven by auto-transformer rectifier units (ATRUs) fail to meet the modern standards of the main airframe providers in the market. They are heavy, less efficient, consume too much power, and lack the ability to meet the wide-frequency input or the current radiated and conducted noise emission standards. The enhanced safety requirements demand that the OEMs supporting the in-flight entertainment, seats, and all of the galley equipment migrate to the next-generation power supplies to ensure they support maximum safety.

Astrodyne TDI CEO Chris Viola

Astrodyne TDI (ATDI) is a technology-driven company that provides a broad portfolio of power supplies and EMI filters. Backed by over three decades of experience in the commercial aerospace solutions domain with a keen focus on the cabin and the galley, ATDI has emerged as the go-to partner for OEMs to achieve long-term equipment reliability and seamless transition to comply with new standards.

ATDI is committed to meet and exceed client expectations through excellence in quality, customer service, employee development, and innovation. Its adherence to continuous improvement shows in its recently introduced suite of products customized using switchmode power supplies (SMPS), a technology that is emerging in aerospace to solve the evolving safety and performance concerns.

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