Astrodyne TDI Offers Custom Power Distribution Solutions

Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures custom Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to support a wide range of applications, including the Medical, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, and Industrial Markets.

The primary function of a PDU is the distribution of reliable, controlled electric power to various system elements. A well-designed PDU can provide a variety of safety features and power conditioning, as well as output monitoring and controls. A common form of output control is sequential turn on. The sequential application of power at precise times allows for proper system function as well as limiting potential inrush currents.

Typical PDU configurations include circuit breakers, auxiliary power converters, main power distribution, EMI filtering, and a built-in remote interface for remote connectivity. Of course, all applications and system requirements are unique; connections and capabilities often vary.

Likewise, many PDU units include an EMO feature, where the system can be quickly powered off through initiation with either a local push-button control or via an external input signal.  Interlock circuits are set up to assure all critical equipment is present and properly connected before system power can be applied.Custom PDUs offer efficient implementation of a variety of safety features, such as Ground Fault Interruption (GFI), Emergency Machine Off (EMO), System Interlocks, and Welded Relay protection. A common safety feature, GFI circuitry prevents equipment damage by opening the main circuit breaker should any ground faults be detected.

Monitoring circuits can also protect against welded relay conditions. A welded relay occurs when the relay remains closed after being de-energized, preventing the unit from shutting down properly. If a welded relay condition is detected the main circuit breaker immediately removes power from the high current outputs.

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With over 60 years of power and EMI filtering experience, Astrodyne TDI leverages broad capabilities to bridge the gap between value-added integration and power solutions. All PDUs are equipped with an ATDI EMI filter to prevent interference and ensure compliance with all industry standards and agency requirements. With an extensive offering of established power supplies, Astrodyne TDI is able to source and integrate both primary and control power supplies more effectively than any competitor.


Astrodyne TDI offers free in-house pre-qualification testing to applicable standards suc

h as FCC Part 15, EN55022, and EN50419, facilitated by our onsite compliance engineers. In house testing capabilities also allow Astrodyne TDI to carry out safety agency certifications, ie. UL61010-1, expediting approvals for simplified production release.

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