Astrodyne TDI Introduces Max Performance IEC Inlet Filter in a Highly Compact Form Factor


Astrodyne TDI’s new Compact Max Performance IEC inlet filters are designed to provide excellent attenuation for extremely noisy applications where space is valuable. These filters feature very high common-mode inductance which is extremely effective in low-frequency common-mode spectrum (150 – 500KHz). This is especially helpful for equipment that utilizes high levels of switching at lower frequencies. Low-frequency common-mode noise requires a larger inductor which is a key driver in deciding the overall size of a filter. Astrodyne TDI’s special magnetics selections and inductor design ensure that higher inductance values are achieved in a smaller footprint without any saturation or thermal issues.

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These filters feature snap-in style mounting which aids in the overall compactness of these filters. The Snap-in design requires a smaller footprint on the mounting surface and inside the equipment. This feature also simplifies the implementation of the inlet filter by allowing the product manufacturing team to easily ‘push and snap’ the filter in place, reducing product assembly time and improving overall productivity.

Additional benefits of our premium performance IEC inlet filter solution include options for interconnection, as well as mounting and leakage current. These filters feature two output interconnections types; quick disconnect or wires, and the series is available with the option of either vertical or horizontal mounting clips to meet the space and mounting requirements of different products and applications. It is also available in both general purposes version (with a range of line to ground capacitors to choose from) for industrial/commercial applications such as SMPS and office automation equipment, as well as low leakage medical version (low or no line to ground capacitors) to meet leakage current requirements of CF, BF, and B type medical applications.

The unique combination of compact design, excellent common-mode attenuation, selectable Y-capacitors (leakage current optimization), and interconnection and mounting options make this IEC inlet filter line unparalleled in the industry.

To learn more about this unique offering, please contact the Astrodyne TDI team today.