Introducing the RP681: The  Compact High Current DC EMI Power Line Filter with 1000V Capability

Hackettstown, NJ – November 2023 - Astrodyne TDI, a renowned global developer and manufacturer of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions, is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to its line of DC EMI filters - the RP681 series. This cutting-edge solution boasts a low-profile compact design and is capable of supporting voltages up to 1000V.

The RP681 series offers a range of rated currents, including 250A, 320A, 400A, 600A, 800A, and 1000A. It features a single-stage line filter and is available with Bus Bars to support high current capability. With its compact and high-current, high voltage design, the RP681 series is optimized for various applications, including high-power rectifiers, inverters, induction charging, industrial chargers, solar applications. This product is especially suited for current generation of DC fast chargers One of the key driving factors behind the development of the RP681 series is the current trend in the DC fast charger industry. Most current generation DC fast chargers provide 700VDC to 1000VDC output voltages. Consequently, Astrodyne TDI has optimized the RP681 series specifically for this application. With its compact size and lower profile compared to the RP692 (1200VDC) series filters, the RP681 series offers space-saving benefits without compromising on performance. Furthermore, it is a more cost-effective solution compared to the RP692 series.

This innovative solution has been agency approved to UL 60929, CSA, C22.2, with EN60939 under process. Additionally, the Y-cap value can be adjusted to fit specific requirements. With a maximum operating voltage of 1000VDC +10% and an ambient temperature range of -25 to 55°C (operating -25C to 100C), the RP681 series is designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments.

Astrodyne TDI is committed to providing cutting-edge power solutions for a wide range of applications. The RP681 series is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the industry. Download the RP681 series datasheet and request a sample to experience the exceptional performance and compact design firsthand.

Download Datasheet

RP681 EMI/EMC filters are ideally suited for: 

  • High power rectifiers
  • Inverters
  • DC fast chargers
  • Induction charging
  • Industrial chargers
  •  Solar

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